So To Recap: I suck at keeping up with y’all…#mybad

It’s been a full 30 days, I believe since I last wrote on here.

And I owe it to yall to keep y’all in da loop about what has happened in the past 30 days.

The previous post, I was doing a wedding cake.

However. THAT Didnt work.

Now before y’all get all sad and like “AWW WHAT HAPPENED??!!”

It was mutual decision. And No, nobody had any diva demands.

My schedule for the last few months has been what people would call “CRAY CRAY”

Basically, I work 2 jobs and I’m in summer skool (yeah I spell/say it that way)

I pretty much one week can work 40-42 hrs. Crazy right?

And for them, it wouldnt be fair for me to try to work at odd hours of the night, baking/frosting/decorate a wedding cake and it not be up to par.

So I held no grudge. Hell, I even went to the wedding.

It was lovely. Ironically, I left before they cut the cake.

NO, not being bitter. But I was running on 2 hours of sleep the night before working.

I was working the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert. That is another post in itself.

So that’s why, I haven’t been able to keep up w/the posts regularly.

Hopefully, once work slows down a bit in October, I’ll have time to keep y’all updated with stuff.

But the least I could do for y’all is to post a pic of some of the work, I’ve been doing in class.

Now it aint fancy, or what I like. But people seem to like it I guess.



I call it the EXPLOSION cake…emphasis on EXPLOSION!!!

I’ve learned in my cake class so far this summer is this


Not really. But I rather not work with it, if I don’t have to.

But that’s life. You gotta make due w/stuff,even if ya hate it.

That’s all I got right now.

I’m pretty sure once October rolls around (OCTOBER???!!) things will somewhat slow down.

I’ll try keep y’all posted…keyword TRY

Fun Fact: this post took me a week to write. Not cuz I couldnt think to write anything.

But I forgot to push send….OOPS. #MYB

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The Weddin’ Cake Project…

Well, Well, Well….

I go nearly 30 days w/o as much as a “HI” or a “SUP”

That’s gotta be a new record for me eh??

Well, alot has happened.

Mostly, I’ve been working. And Working. AND WORKING…

Yeah that’s pretty much as what One Direction says “THE STORY OF MY LIFE”

It aint easy juggling 2 jobs at the same time peoples.

Well I was supposed to do some guy’s b-day cake 10 days ago…THAT DIDNT WORK.

No, not the usual, falling out amongst the client and baker.

I hadnt heard from him about the major stuff:

i.e. Where it was?  What time?  How Many people are gonna be there?

Those are important if you makin a 3 tiered b-day cake…

Thus why they charge by the slice at weddings…

Cuz you make as much for how many is assumed will be for the # of guests.

#FUNFACT: I worked last Friday a 14 hr day working both gigs….oofh.

Thank God for Planners/Calendars…

Cuz other wise I’d be SOOOOOOOOOO confused.

Well anyways “THE WEDDIN’ CAKE” Project is as follows.

On July 19th, I’m doing a Wedding that will be about 200 guests…oofh.

This Thursday, I’m doing a Cake Testing w/ 2 Cakes Below

The Wedding Cake Proj

Red Velvet

And Chocolate Cake w/ Cookies & Cream Filling

The Wedding Cake Proj

Those are the cakes in the “CRUMB COAT” stage… obviously…

But needless to say, It’s a pretty big deal attempting to pull this off.

And this will be part 1 of a series…I promise I’ll try to keep this updated next week.

Seriously, next week is the week of the 4th, so thats my vacay week.


Anyways, that’s all I got for nows. I gotta finish frosting Zee Cakes!


That’s me tryna be french….

this  boys and girls is a “GO HOME YOUR DRUNK” moment here…


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Mini Cupcakes….yeah, that’s all I got.


Ole-Bill just posted again…its a miracle!!!

Yeah, figured I would on some down time that I got before the weekend gets cray cray.

That’s what happens when you are working 2 jobs AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!

What’s crazy, was that if you worked 2 jobs like 10-15 years ago, it seemed like you were desperate.

Like “oh they must be desperate/struggling to get by”

Now, it’s normal. It’s all the rage.

What doesnt help, is that I’m doing this plus I start summer skool on Monday.

Also this…


The Mini-Cupcakes you see before you, are apart of my other “hussle”. Doing Specialty Events.

Theses are Chocolate and Lemon mini-Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting on both.

I got 3 big ones during the summer.

I guess I can announce this: I’m taking on another wedding cake in July.

This time, it’s for a 200 person wedding.

I’ll let that simmer for a second…….

I’m excited for it, but at the same time I’m like HOLY CRAP!!!

But once it starts to come around, the month of July that is, then I’ll be in a panic.

Mainly, scheduling time to do it…like I said. I’ve been a busy boy.

But back to the Mini-Cupcakes…

This is prolly the simplest thing I’ve got to do so far.

Oh yeah, I’m doing some dude’s b-day cake in a couple weeks.

Apparently when you walk around whilst in chef garb, people wanna ask you to do stuff for them…

Will it look like this?


Nope. Apparently the dude wants a 3-tiered cake. At first I thought it was a wedding…

Dont worry I’ve done a 3-tiered cake before, but that was for a grooms cake…

this must be one of those epic parties he’s throwing.

Kinda like on that dumb “MY SUPER SWEET 16″ show that MTV used to play.

Pretty sure it defined a generation of teens as self-absorbed spoiled brats…

I wonder if any of them amounted to anything?

Or did they hit a dramatic decline when they turned 17?

But I digress…that’s what I got for this week.

Will I post how they went?

Or will I leave y’all hanging for a good three weeks guessing?


Meh, we’ll see…

Til next time, Stay Cool…seriously, Summer is coming. Or is it already here???


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America (Amurrica) Torte and BOY IVE BEEN BUSY! #SHEESH


As the Title has eluded to, I HAVE BEEN A BUSY BOY!!!

Well that’s what happens when you got 2 jobs and also you bake specialty cakes on the side.

Oh and there’s skool….i need a drink.

Fortunately I work one in the morning whilst the other one at night. I love the word “whilst” btw….

Only once have I been “double-booked” but I worked at Sur La Table.

That day, I worked a b-day party for a 10 year old girl who wanted Pasta Carbonara for her b-day meal.

I didnt know what “Pasta Carbonara” was until I was 25…

Apparently its shameful to have a party a Discovery Zone w/ Pizza, Cake and Ice Cream at the age of 10 nowadays.


Anywho. The Post is America’s Torte. or as some of us refer to it “AMURRICA”

America's Torte

What’s in it, exactly? Coffee. Lots of Coffee.

Well it’s a Flourless Chocolate Spongecake with a Coffee Mousse.

Kinda like Tiramisu, except no booze and THIS IS AMURRICA!!!

Sidebar:Remember how silly the whole “This is America,we speak American” was. Don’t y’all??

I guess it’s called “America’s” Torte cuz we are Coffee addicts…I was once.

Back in 2007 during finals week, I once drank like 4 cups of coffee cuz I had a final late at night and early the next morning.

On top of that, drive back home for the summer.

Lets just say I was WIRREDD!! for like 19 hours. From 6am to 10pm that day, I took my final, dropped off my books and drove 12 hours home.

Lets just say first thing I did I got home was eat and fall asleep by 10 that night.

After that whole ordeal, I knew I had to quit cold turkey…weird I know.

But that coffee was SO GOOD!!!

Apparently Chocolate Syrup in Coffee is like Crack.

Well it’s a good thing I didnt eat this sucker, not that it tasted bad or nothing.

But I woulda prolly turned into a full blown insomniac for about a week.

America's Torte

Also I prolly woulda put on like 5 pounds.


So, I have had this thought that lately, I may/may not have bitten out off more than I could chew.

Pardon the food reference.

But I got A LOT of different opportunity comin up this coming months…and I have moments where I’m like


Well having a Planner helps…

NO I DONT HAVE AN IPHONE CALENDAR. I’m old skool w/the classic skool planner.

Anybody else got one? Don’t you feel special/accomplished with those suckers??

Well, I will elaborate on those “opportunities” next time.

And by “next time” i dont mean in 3 weeks. I promise.

I think I may have this whole juggling two gigs down pact soon. I think….

Oh and apparently this is my 200th post…weird.


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The Napoleon….That Dessert everybody does on Chopped

So world,

I’ve been a busy boy….in a good way.

School is nearin the end for the semester…SCHOOLS OUT!!…except I got summer school.


No I didnt fail…I just chose to try and finish up skool faster…

But I got some news. I got a new job and its in Culinary!!

That’s right, yours truly is a Kitchen Assistant at Sur La Table.

What does that mean???

In a nutshell, I’m a TA in a College Professor’s class.

Survived mah first day Tuesday, so HUZZAH!! and HUZZAH! to future more!!!

So back to skool…who’s ready for a vacay? THIS GUY!!!

This semester has been a lesson in learning that “PATIENCE IS KEY” and “COMMUNICATE!!!”

Basically a lot of unnecessary chaos/drama in 6hrs will make you wanna take a drink after while.

My drink of choice? LEMONADE!

So help me, if you ruin a pitcher of lemonade. I will not forgive you for it….

Anyways, Napoleon. (There goes my usual short-attention span, self)


It’s the dessert of choice on CHOPPED. Or PAN PERDU (French Toast)


Cuz it’s easy to assemble and you can pick and choose what you want to go in it.

Also only having 30 minutes in a dessert round is straight up nuts.

It’s in that realm of “LASAGNA” where you can layer it w/Puff Pastry and Cream.

What exactly is “PUFF PASTRY”?

Basically A lot of Flour and Water and BUTTER! SOO MUCH BUTTER!!!

You fold cold butter into flour and run in it through a sheeter machine cuz otherwise, it’ll take FOOORREEEEVVERRRRR to do it by hand.

And when you put the Puff Pastry in the oven to bake. The BUTTER! has water and the water will turn to steam and cause the layers to rise or “Puff” up and become flaky layers.

Flaky is a weird word….

There ya have it…. SCIENCE!!!!

The Magic School Bus taught me everything I know about Science…#dontjudge


In said “NAPOLEON” there’s Kiwi, Strawberry and a Raspberry on top…

Totes Adorbs right???

Anyways, it’s all layered with Pastry Cream. Which is basically: MILK, Heavy Cream, Egg Yolks, Sugar and Corn Starch.


You think it was named after that guy cuz it’s real short?? Who knows.

Anyways, its all I got for nows.

Subscribe/Like/Comment on Stuff..I do read it.  SERIOUSLY. It pops up in my e-mail box.

Til next time….

I’ve ran outta clever sayings….OH WELLS


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My attempt at an “EASTER CAKE” y’all!!!

Hey y’all!

Hopefully y’all had a good Easter weekend. And hopefully its warm where y’all are.

And Winter is not still drunk with power.

So as the title says, I made a “EASTER CAKE” y’all!!!

Easter Cake

It was mostly to practice my frosting and my piping skillz…

Those are important in mah field. That’s Cake Decorating btw…

There’s never NOT a reason to make a cake and decorate it….I think

It was basically a Strawberry Cake w/ Vanilla Buttercream. NOTHING CRAZY THIS TIME!!!

But it was good to practice frosting a cake.

I’ve found from being in Pastry Arts is that we get kinda jaded by what we do.

To people outside the Pastry world look at stuff we do and are like:


And we’re kinda like “Meh, it’s okay…”

My friends were like “DANG! That’s looks sooo good!”

And I was like “Eh, I coulda done better”

Easter Cake

But there are times where you have to take a step back and be like “Yo! I did that…”

I guess in a nutshell(ha! food…), its balancing accomplishment and humility.

Dang that sounded deep, no??

Welp, that’s my “Ole-bill’s Words of Wisdom” I should write that down…

Oh Wait.

Anyways, I have decided to try cycling recently. Porque?

I figure every so often to pick up something or “go thru a phase” and try something new.

Last year it was running… a lot. This year its cycling.

Will I try and do a triathlon? HA! No…well. Maybe. Cant exactly rule that out.

We shall see how THAT goes. Hopefully I dont crash on the first day and get a “BOO BOO”

I just wanted to say “BOO BOO” for no reason.

Anyways, thats all I got for this week.

Til next time y’all…




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An Empress Torte and I know “YOU STILL POST???!”

(*Looks at the ground while shuffling feet)

Hey Guys….so whats happening?

Oh you know, when work+ school happens, it gets a bit cray cray….

My bad for not posting nothing for 2 weeks, this day n age, folks attention spans aint what it used to be.

Now I sound Old…

Anyways, so it’s nearing the end of the semester for me…and who’s ready for a Vacay??


A few weeks away and then…SUMMER SCHOOL!!! (whoopie)

Fortunately, I’m only taking 1 class this summer and its 7 hours long each week.

Culinary school makes you jaded by what makes most folks spazz about.

“What’s that?? Recipe calls for 3 pounds of Butter? Okay…”

I will say, something that I’ve learned in school that’s prolly the most valuable:

How to deal with people’s personalities and conflicts….

We are around each other for 6+ hours and sometimes drama happens.

And it don’t matter if you in a Culinary program at the local community college or the C.I.A.

That’s Culinary Institute of America, not that government agency thingy….

Sometimes you’ll have good weeks, and there are weeks where you literally are doing everything solo.

Cuz you group sent a memo that you missed out on that said “HEY Y’ALL, LETS NOT SHOW UP THIS WEEK”…

But how you handle that challenge will more or less in a cliche way will test your character.


anywho, that was mah thought for the week. On to the Empress Torte:

Empress Torte

What the heck is it?

Welp, its a Torte that has an Almond Genoise Cake, Lemon Curd Filling, Raspberry Moussiline on the outside, With Strawberry Gelee on top whilst it sits on a Dacquoise.

What’s that? In ENGLISH?? (Btw, remember #SPEAKAMERICAN from the SuperBowl? Hilariously Dumb, am I right??)

  • Almond Genoise Cake= Almond Paste+ Eggs whipped for 20 minutes,w/Cake Flour folded in
  • Lemon Curd= Citrus Custard
  • Raspberry Moussiline= A Mousse with Gelatin added  in it to give it shape.
  • Gelee= A fruit puree with Gelatin added to it.
  • Dacquoise=  Meringue with Almond in it and baked. It’s on the bottom to hold it all together.

And that’s tempered White Chocolate on Top

Empress Torte

Basically, it aint a Cheap Dessert. It’s something a fancy country club would serve or some fancy frou frou place.

Yeah I used “Frou Frou” in a sentence #dontjudgeme.

Welp, that’s all I got for now…

I promise to try n do better. And not go weeks w/o posting something.

Oh btw, the Torte tasted pretty good…

Til next time, WILL SOMEBODY FIND SPRING???!!!



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