This is what happens when you get bored while “working”

Dang, long time no post-ies. Apologies to the (two/maybe three) folks who read this thing. I’ve had quite a busy few weeks w/ work and now I’m on vacay (Hipster for vacation). Anywho I’ve been working on a feature for the local paper for the past month and a half. I finally finished it!! HUZZAH!!! But I’ve been at this coffee shop called “Signs of Life” for the past three/four days now writing that sucker to no end. But I finally got it done, another victory HUZZAH!! Anyways, when I would be bored/stuck trying to think of the words to say( I feel like that’s a song somewhere. Anybody know?) I would bust out the handy-dandy camera and shoot. Lighting=Ridonkulous. So here’s what I did one day. Enjoy.

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