German(But it aint from Germany) Chocolate Cake

For easter, I went to KC w/my bestie Luke to his aunt’s house for Easter dinner. Though it was at 1pm. Why do they call it dinner then??? Anyways I brought over one of my fav desserts to make: German Chocolate w/ Pecan Coconut filling w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. A mouthful to say and eat. For some odd reason, I love to make it, yet I dont eat it. Crazy right? I’m not too keen on coconut. Odd. But it was a smash.

Sidenote: You know that German Chocolate isnt from Germany?(WHAA!) It actually was named after a guy named Sam German who discovered a baking chocolate that was sweet. Typically Baking Chocolates are Bitter, Semi or Unsweetened. (I sound smart) And thus the name and about 100 years later a Dallas Newspaper had a recipe for German Chocolate. I feel like I can be Alton Brown cuz I sound like a nerd.

And of course I took pics (DUH!) so here you go y’all. Enjoy, Gaze at it! Look at it as much as you want. That aint sound weird at all.

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