I’m sure these were supposed to be red velvet whoopie pies

Lately I’ve been on a baking tear. Well, I dropped some dough(HA! Baking pun) on some dessert cookbooks. Well not a WHOLE LOT of  money.But you get the point. Anyways, I’ve made whoopie pies a while back and wanted to do make more. They were supposed to be Red Velvet, but I got bored/”artsy” and made them green and the frosting yellow. They looked like Green Tortilla chips with a big helping of nacho cheese.

Anyways I decided to bake that same recipe, but make it, wait for it: Blue. (Let that simmer for a sec, wow another cooking pun). Apparently Blue Velvet is a hot new trend and I thought I be hip and try it out. They look pretty, to me anyways. Anyways, y’all should give it a try (Don’t judge).

Sidenote: I’ve been Stumbled-Upon-ed!! Apparently this blog was on the site “Stumble-Upon” yesterday for my Oatmeal Cream Pies and got a lot of traffic. Like over 800 hits in a day. Crazy. My highest was about 97 prior to yesterday. Now I gotta figure out who the culprit is and shake their hand. Also I gotta figure how I’m gonna top over 800 hits in a day. Maybe over 9,000??!!!!!!

Who knows. But enjoy folks.

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