Flourless Chocolate Cake. Hold Up, What??

Last week, I made a cake for a girl I used to work with. However, it had to be flourless (GASP!) because she’s on a glute-free diet. For a while I had no idea that was even possible. Shows what I know. But then again I recall I had done this before, a few months ago I made a triple-mousse cake.(I just figured how to do the link thingy. Im so proud!!) And the dark-chocolate part had no flour in it. So this wasnt too hard to pull off.  You just need a lot of eggs.  I got the recipe from the book “BAKED”. It’s become one of my favorite books to read.

Note: Separating the eggs, VERY importante. The egg whites once whipped into foamy peaks is what gives the cake it’s shape. Otherwise, it’s a droopy mess that will seep out of the Springform pan.

Oh and Happy June 1st everybody! No idea what that means on the calendar. But I decided this summer, I got a list of stuff I’m gonna attempt to bake and as well as beverages this summer. Gotta have somethin to wash down all these desserts with. Stay tuned y’all!

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One thought on “Flourless Chocolate Cake. Hold Up, What??

  1. I love a great chocolate cake and this being flourless is like icing on the cake. Wonderful post and thanks for sharing this.

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