The Summer of Whoopie (Pies) continues…Vanilla w/ Root Beer

So whoopie pies have become my new obsession. I think they should be the new cupcake and get their own show on Food Network where folks compete against each other and make obscure things with Whoopie Pies. Not saying but just saying. Pardon my rant, I’ve managed to do two 5k’s this week and I’m TIRED. I did managed to break my record but my goal is to crack 25 minutes.

Anyways, back to the food. Last post I said I was gonna do a “Project” of desserts. Where throughout the summer, I’m making different desserts that are (sorta) a fit for the summertime.  From Whoopie pies to Scones to…whatever else I can think of. First up: Vanilla Bean Whoopie Pies w/ Root Beer Filling. I kinda wanted to do a take on the Root Beer Float.

Outcome: Pretty Good. Though w/ Root Beer, I would add a couple tablespoons of it. Dont add too much other wise, it’ll end up lookin soupy. But Enjoy. Marvel(?) at them. I’ll try to keep y’all posted more often with what i’m fixin to make next, so subscribe if you like. But enjoy the pics.


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One thought on “The Summer of Whoopie (Pies) continues…Vanilla w/ Root Beer

  1. Tika Sofyan says:

    Yumm!! oh I should start baking again..

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