Peach Lemonade. Heaven in a glass.

It’s (officially?) summertime. It only means two things: School’s out and it’s HOT as the dickens outside. (Side note: Anybody say dickens anymore??) Anyways, growing up and living Texas, theses were the fun times where you kept your butt indoors to not catch heat stroke. But maybe this is just one southern here speaking,but living in the south during the summertime: you gotta have Lemonade. GOTS TO!

There is sweet tea, but I’ve never liked tea though. Shocking I know. A southerner not like sweet tea.  But lemonade is one of those drinks that is necessary. Whether you laying out by the pool or indoors w/the AC on blast while the weather is 100+.  But having also growing up in Georgia. You gotta love peaches. I learned the hard way that peaches only are good during the summer. But I decided to make this attempt of Peach Lemonade after I saw it on a menu at a restaurant called “Bubby’s”.  And yes, this another one of my “Summertime Projects” I should consider putting a book together.Cuz I got sooo many things to make.

I have no idea if I replicated their recipe, but I put my twist to it.  But after the first sip, RIDONKULOUS! Even one of my friends “MED SCHOOL” (A nickname because he’s currently in Med School. Clever right?) Agreed. Now I gotta have this in my fridge esp when we’re heading thru the worst part of the summertime. It’s even better after a long day at the office. Well, for me it is anyways. But I’ll stop blabbing and show y’all. Enjoy til next time.



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