Ginger Scones (w/ Cinnamon and Almond Glaze).

Scones are still are big craze to me. So far I’ve made several different versions of it. From the first time: Cinnamon to a while back Clementines.  So one day when I dropped big bucks on dessert cookbooks. Yeah it’s true. Don’t judge. I saw in one book by a famed modern pastry chef, I forgot his name. But in his book he had: Ginger Scones w/ Almond topping. I immediately thought to myself, “Self, you gotta try to make this.”

Granted I forgot how that guy put it together, I put my own interpretation to it. By adding an almond and cinnamon glaze to drizzle over the top.   I’ve been wanting to use ginger for a while after I bought a bottle of ginger back in January and it just been sitting all by its lonesome.  I decided to add this recipe to my “Summer Dessert Project”. Not sure if ginger is a “Summer” thing, but  why not.  I seriously should put together a “Dessert Book” by the end of the summertime and sell it online. Maybe? Well for the time being enjoy these lovely shots of the Scones.

What should I bake next? Thoughts/ Suggestions?  Anyone? Buehler? Anyone?












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One thought on “Ginger Scones (w/ Cinnamon and Almond Glaze).

  1. Diana says:

    Mmmm, I’m definitely going to have to try these.

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