Carrot Cake and Pineapple Trifle aka fixed disaster

This is a lesson about life giving you lemons. Last week was mi padre’s b-day, and of course I was expected to make the b-day cake.  I decided on the classic carrot cake. I figured, no big. I done made the cake with the same recipe for damn near 2 years, got it.  However. (Note: I do take responsibility for my actions, but I also like to point it had been a looong time since I baked a cake) I somehow caused the cake to overflow all over the oven thus causing a lovely smoke fest in the kitchen. How embarrassing right?

But yes, even the allegedly talent cake maker like yours truly has a Snafu. (A nice way of saying screw up or the one w/the F word in it. Keep it PG folks). And it happened twice. (GASP!!! WHATS HAPPENED!!!) Now I had two sets of undersunk carrot cake, ready to be thrown away. Then my aunt threw the idea of taking it and putting it in a bowl and just serving it. I thought, NO. I wanted this sucker to look classy. Then I thought of the ” Trifle”. Basically the dessert version of lasagna. (Btw, why is there a “G” in there if you dont pronounce it?) And so I went with it cuz I had all that cream cheese frosting sitting in the fridge. I thought that it needed something to it. And then it hit me: Pineapple. I bought an whole Pineapple (note: PLEASE buy a whole pineapple, dont cop out and buy the chunks of it. It’s more fun to chop it up. Just saying.) early and chopped it up and threw it in that sucker. And Pops and the rest of the fam. loved it.

So in the sense, when life gives you lemons,you make the best damn lemonade possible.  Sorry for the long-wind story, but I figured I’d share that even ya boy has a SNAFU every now and then. But enjoy the photos my mishap.

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One thought on “Carrot Cake and Pineapple Trifle aka fixed disaster

  1. Billie Gholson says:


    This is quite a story. The trifle was very delicious.

    Aunt Billie Gale

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