Honey Dew Sorbet. Wait What?

So I’ve been on a bit of a “Hiatus” if you will. My trusty camera was broke. This made me sad. But now that it’s fixed. It’s all good now. So lately I’ve been obsessed with the dessert Sorbet. What is it exactly? Basically a fruit ice cream minus the eggs, cream and milk.

It’s a real easy thing to make too. One night at this restaurant, I tried Grapefruit Sorbet. It was GOOD. Didnt think that was possible. But Hey. Never know right? So of course the so-called “King of DIY” that I am, you know I had to try to make some. DIY sounds a little too close to DUI. It’s more a challenge saying then typing.

Anyways, I thought to try it with the Honey Dew melon. Something unusual. That  and I had bought one with making a fruit salad with it, but kinda forgot about it.  I don’t own an ice cream maker, so I had to make it the old-school way: Manually. It’s not hard, just a bit time consuming. Churning every 30 minutes is tough to remember. But no doubt it came out looking pretty and it even tasted like Honey Dew. SUCCESS!!! A bit sweet, but then again I think that’s Honey Dew for ya. So without further a dew (cheesy pun!! and I think that’s how you spell it.) Here’s the Honey Dew Sorbet




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One thought on “Honey Dew Sorbet. Wait What?

  1. […] But enough about that, I discovered recently it’s possibly to make Ice Cream with not that many ingredients. This started after I made Honey Dew Sorbet. […]

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