A bizzare tale of a Groomscake disaster.

So last week, I said I’d tell you the story about the Groomscake and what happened to it. It’s a fairly (not really) dramatic and sad tale. Early August, I was in a wedding. I was the Usher/ Groomscake maker and prior to showing up, a Groomsman. So other than the two folks getting married and being a bridesmaid, I think I had a lot on my plate that weekend.

So the day before the big wedding day, me and one of the other groomsman Ross went over to one of the Bridesmaid’s(Abigail) house and I spent 7 hours making the cake. (After 4, we had rehearsals, dinners, afterparties etc, but I got it finished around midnight).  But I got it done!! Huzzah!! Right? The next day, the groomsman all assembled and played Ultimate Frisbee, went out to his casa and ate, then got dressed and took a bajillion photos. We were indoors. No way anybody was going outside in 100 degree weather in tuxedos to take some snap shots.

Folks got married, and everybody was off to the reception hall. When we got done taking post wed photos,time to make our entrances and eat. Earlier Abigails madre dropped off the cake at the reception hall earlier that day and everything was fine. I didnt see  my cake anywhere around and had folks come up asking “Jaybay, where’s the cake?” And all I could say was “That’s a good question. No idea”. I asked around and found out that from the time it was dropped off to when we got to the reception. My cake (that was in a box) got infested with Gnats and Fruit Flies. YEUP!

After confirming that with the head caterer/hotel personnel, I went and sat down and ate. I’ll be honest, I kinda wanted to run to a corner and curl in a ball and cry. I was bitter. Still bitter. It’s mostly a bizzare and slightly cruel twist of fate, I’d say. After a few glasses of wine, mostly Pinot Grigio, I made the most of an awkward and sucky situation by remembering that it wasnt about the cake, but the two lovebirds that got married. That and the groom hugged and kissed my forehead and said to not worry about it. The fact that I even made a wedding at all is an accomplishment. (Digging the alliteration)

There’s truth to that, if somebody told me 2 years ago that I’d end up making a groomscake for a wedding, I would’ve laughed and said You’re stupid. Oh btw, the cake was this : A Marble Cake (1/2 vanilla and chocolate) with a Peanut Butter Mousse Filling with Banana Buttercream. It woulda been epic if those dang fruit flies didnt rUIn it. (Misspelled it on purpose, see Family Guy for the reference).

So, this turned out to be a long post. But I thought I’d share the practice cupcake version of the Groomscake. Enjoy while I go continue to cry in a corner about. Not really. Maybe.

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3 thoughts on “A bizzare tale of a Groomscake disaster.

  1. Abigail's Madre says:

    It was the coolest cake ever!! The cupcakes look AWESOME, btw!! You rock, JayBay!

  2. I think that the reception hall should have looked after your cake better! I would have cried and cried.

  3. […] there’s that whole story I told of the last groomscake story. (No this aint a trap) We all agreed that it wasnt my […]

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