Watermelon Limeade, The New Drink for the Fall??

Ignoring the title, obviously it’s Fall. Or “Autumn” if you wanna be fancy about.(You fancy huh?) But as I’ve said in every other post, Fall doesnt exist down here in Texas. It’ll drop from being 100 degrees, but don’t expect 50 degree weather for a LOONG time. So it’s still fair game to have summer-y(that a word?) drinks. Maybe til Christmas.

One day,I was driving by a certain drive-thru restaurant that serves limeades.(It rhymes with Bonic). I used my free Cherry-Limeade coupon to get me’s a free drink. But I notice they had different flavored Limeades, technically they were slushy limeades. But they had Orange and Watermelon and Coconut. (Me,myself not a coconut lover, though ocean water is GOOD.)

So being my usual DIY-king self. I had to at least try the Watermelon idea. I know the Watermelon Lemonade idea exist, that’s next on my hit list. By that I mean agenda. Nah, it’s an actual hit list. Oh btw: I gave this site a new Jenny Jones Makeover!! Yaay!! I figure since I changed the name of it, why not changed the look of it too. No? Tell me whatcha think, and also if you like the drink. Or just write whatever you like, as long as it’s nice. Don’t be mean. Lolz.


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2 thoughts on “Watermelon Limeade, The New Drink for the Fall??

  1. alphahumanus says:

    Looks delish, got a recipe? Also, loving the coca-cola product placement. Haha

    • jaybaythahut says:

      alphahumanus- whoops!! I prob should’ve mentioned that huh? The recipe that is. Equal parts Lime Juice and Watermelon puree (ex 1 C Lime Juice; 1 C Watermelon Puree). 2 C Water, 1C Simple Syrup, 3 C Soda Water.

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