Red Velvet Cake: Trying to make something sweet from a (very) bitter situation

Now this aint the first time I’ve messed with Red Velvet. I made some for V-Day. And usually I’ve got some sorta witty banter to go along with it.  But this post is gonna have something more to it. At least I’ll try.

I made this cake for a dude in my bible study class. Last week his pop’s suddenly passed away. We heard that he was at the hospital that night during class. It was obviously depressing to hear, but what’s worse is that it’s somethin you really can’t prepare for. Better yet make time out for it. Yeah we can make time out for a football game or schedule a business meeting. But when somethin like that happens, it’ll happen whether you prepared or not. Most times you on the side of being unprepared. Definitely changes your outlook on what you may think is important. i.e. money, a job, trying to be popular, or whatever silly things we put in front of ourselves.

As a class we thought to make food for him and his family. I being the dessert guy that I am thought to make Red Velvet. Why? For some reason I’ve always felt like Red Velvet was one of those things to have whether it’s a triumph or tragedy. A handful of us went over to eat dinner with the family. They were being as upbeat as they were considering it had been a few days since. And watchin them reminisce while trying to enjoy the food had me thinking. Food really does bring folks together.

I know it does sound cliche. But it’s the simple truth. Whether it’s good or bad. Food can bring us all together. And in a way food is like life. Something we take for granted yet at the same time it’s hard not to try and savor each bite, kinda like each bite is like a moment in life. That don’t sound corny does it? Why do you think they ask: “If you could have one meal what would it be?”

Not sure if that makes people think, or if it even made sense. But maybe somebody out there feels that way. Instead of saying “enjoy”, i’ll just say Savor the moments you got and don’t let small stuff get too big in your life because when you look back, im sure you wanna remember the good then the bad.


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4 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cake: Trying to make something sweet from a (very) bitter situation

  1. hope he feels better..the cake looks delicious!!

  2. kat says:

    red velvet is my absolute favorite!

  3. I very love red velvet so, it great

  4. Can you share how to make this yummy cake?

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