Watermelon Lemonade. In November??? Still good though.

What’s this? Another summertime drink when it’s technically fall??? Why not. I live in Texas. It don’t ever get cold. If you just stumbled upon this site and are thinking “What in the world is this fool talking about? What other summertime drinks have you made during this time of Fall?”  See Peach Lemonade and Watermelon Limeade.

Over the years I’ve become quite a Lemonade Aficionado. I think. I got a taste for Lemonade. It has to be PERFECT. I make a big fuss about whenever I go to a new restaurant, if they don’t have good lemonade, you’re DONE!!! Not really. But that’s just something that’s important.

But this one goes out to my boy Tim. Tim was one of my roomies in college. My senior year part 2. (I did a victory lap. Don’t Judge).  During that year, I had a bunch of ’em. Say 21-ish. Yeup 21 people living together. No we weren’t a frat.  Anyways Timmy’s moving down south to his big kid job.  He stayed at mi casa while lookin 4 his own place. During his stay, I figured I’d be as hospitable as I could. You know I’m from the south. We have this thing called “Southern Hospitality”.

Apparently Timmy liked it soo much he damn near drank the whole pitcher.  So I guess it must’ve been that good then. So here it is homemade Watermelon Lemonade.

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One thought on “Watermelon Lemonade. In November??? Still good though.

  1. klmgrills says:

    Ah! A fellow Texan. I should have known. 🙂

    This looks wonderful! I bet it would be astronomical with a kick of mulled basil in it. Maybe I’ll have to try doing that, even in the middle of December. Thank goodness for Central Market.

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