Mango Sorbet. Fancy huh?

Well, it’s 11-11-11. AND Veterans Day. 1st of all, like to give a shout out to all those who are/have served in the military. I got so much respect for y’all. I couldn’t do what they do on regular basis. So I salute you and tip my hat to them.

Can you believe we only got one more of these number days left. I’m talking 12-12-12. (Hopefully we’ll see it. Fingers crossed) But what does that got to do w/ my Mango Sorbet? No idea. Just thought of that as today is 11-11-11. Sure if you wanna be technical it’s 11-11-2011. But why spoil the fun I say.

But back to the Mango at hand. Why did I make it? Well I had bought a mango a while back, thought I would put it in a smoothie and forgot all about that. As the governor of my state said it best  “Ooops”.

So I thought, why not make it into a sorbet? That sounds dope. Yeah I say dope. Wanna fight about it?

So I did. And behold the Mango sorbet. For those of y’all out there wondering “what the heck is Sorbet ?” It’s basically Ice Cream, minus the Cream. And the Dairy. Essentially it’s the fruit with some sugar and water and put it in an ice cream maker. Or if you’re like me, use a hand-mixer and crank it every hour for about 3-4 times.

One thing I realized as I was scooping it out, it kinda look like giant egg yolks. Crazy. But I gotta go. I’m in the midst of an epic Carrot Cake Battle.I’ve been challenged to create an amazing Carrot Cake. Hopefully I will win this sucker.

If you just happened to stumble upon this sucker and are some-what curious how this all plays out?

Subscribe and I’ll post pics and tell y’all how it went down. Next week.  Til then, do somethin unique on this 11-11-11 and thank a vet while y’all at it.

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