Return of the Trifle. Carrot Cake Trifle

Last time, I said I’d post pics of the carrot cake trifle. I was in a carrot cake face-off in my bible study group to see who had the best carrot cake. I was challenged after being put on blast on Facebook, so you know ya’ boy had to accept the challenge.

I decided to make a reprise of the carrot cake trifle.(If you asking yourself “Whatya mean ‘reprise’ click here. I swear it aint nothing illegal. Maybe.) This time around I decided to add some walnuts  that I chopped and toasted. Not in that order though.  Along with some fresh pineapple that I macerated (it does kinda sound like that other word. But it aint. get ya mind out the gutter y’all) in brown sugar and cinnamon overnight.  Et Voila the trifle

I had my buddy/guniea pig “Med Skool” try it. He loved it. So I was for sure thinkin I was gonna win the battle. The outcome: It was a tie. As much as I’d like to call shenanigans on that outcome. I’ll take it. At least it was as good enough as the other one. I’m not sure if I had tried the other one now that I think of it. I think maybe cuz I am somewhat competitive and refused to play nice?  Nah. That can’t be true. I dont ever really win at anything. Im usually the classy get graceful loser most times.

So I don’t know about y’all but I’m excited about Thanksgiving. Apparently most people forgot about and want to jump right to Christmas. Why?! We can’t forget about the turkey now! Anywho this year I’m basically making everything but the turkey and stuffing/dressing (Why is it both those names? I get confused sometimes about that).

I’m making Dessert, Cranberry Sauce and something with Sweet Potatoes. This weekend I’m doing a practice trial run with dessert. Wanna know how it turns out ?(I’m sure y’all bustin at the seams saying “YES!!!”)

Check back next time and I’ll post pics, maybe even recipes. Would you want that? Maybe?

Well subscribe to this sucker and you’ll find out maybe some unique ideas to impress folks at the table and they’ll say “Dang! How you do that?” and you say “Oh you know, I learned that from Ole-Bill. He’s only like the coolest cook ever.”.

Well maybe not. But  a boy can dream right?


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One thought on “Return of the Trifle. Carrot Cake Trifle

  1. The Hook says:

    You mean the “Return of Awesomeness”!

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