The Cherpumple aka “Pie-Cake Pie-Cake Pie-Cake” Cake

I baked a pie inside of a cake. To those of you that are health nuts, Don’t judge. How did this come about? Welp, my old roomies and I get together to have our own Thanksgiving a few days before the actual holiday. Its called “Dewdsgiving”.

I was happy to participate in the cooking aspect because it was good practice before the actual holiday. Btw, why are folks acting like Thanksgiving doesnt exist and are immediately jumping to Christmas?? We got turkey to cook and eat and football to watch dangit.

I’m cooking this year. Yeah Duh. But Im basically making just about everything BUT the turkey. Really, folks decided this year to buy a pre-cooked turkey. I would say that would be lame, however after I had cooked a turkey for Dewdsgiving, I don’t blame them. It took us 6 hours more or less of cooking that sucker. But it was GOOD. Oh and there was 8 different types of Mountain Dew served.

But back to the original idea of this post: The Pie-Cake, Pie-Cake, Pie-Cake Cake. I attempted this back in April, however uncertain of what exactly it took to make this crazy monster of a dessert, it turned into Pie-Cake, Pie-Cake Pie-Cake mess.

What exactly IS in this sucker? It’s Cherry Pie inside a White Cake, Pumpkin Pie in Spice Cake and Apple Pie in Yellow Cake. The trick is overmixing. Now usually thats a big cardinal sin in the baking world. But in order to keep the pie inside the cake, it’s a MUST. This time I got it right and behold the “Pie-Cake, Pie-Cake,Pie-Cake” Cake.  Nobody said it was an easy or a clean dessert.

Would I make this thing again? Maybe. It’s a pretty tricky (AND EXPENSIVE) dessert to pull off. But I (more or less) successfully pulled it off. Along with cooking a turkey.  So I’m prepared.

This year I’m making Cranberry Sauce(no not the jello-y kind) Sweet Potato puree and 3 different dessert along with Buttermilk Biscuits. AND I’m running in a turkey trot that morning. Am I nuts for doing so? Maybe. But would you want to see the pics of those dishes? Maybe. But I shall soon enough. So subscribe to this sucker and stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “The Cherpumple aka “Pie-Cake Pie-Cake Pie-Cake” Cake

  1. The Hook says:

    I really wish I could boil water…

  2. […] Last year I had practice w/ the turkey and also the Pie-Cake. It exists here>>>>click!  […]

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Yum. Maybe you should market it so I can buy one. It looks above my skill level (see comment above from The Hook).

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