Thanksgiving 2011 Recap Pt.2: Pear-Apple Crisp. I like the word “Crisp”

So here is the final part to this epic saga. Pear-Apple Crisp. I like saying the word “Crisp”. It’s like you gotta put an emphasis on “Crisp”. So what exactly is a “Crisp”. Well it’s almost like a Cobbler, except the top part isn’t biscuit format. It’s mostly oats and nuts.

What brought about this? I read it in a book. Look at me, reading and stuff. In a big book of Baking ideas, I saw a Caramel-Apple Crisp recipe. It amused me, however I’m not a big caramel guy. Shocking, maybe. Making caramel is kinda pain in the butt.

But I wanted to cook with Pears  for a while and it just so happened as I was planning my Dessert menu, Pops had a bunch of green pears in a bowl. YAHTEZE!!!

I was about as thrilled as watching that video of those two old football players in their 70’s fighting each other. It’s all over ESPN, just look it up on Youtube, you’ll LOL a lot.

Anyways the night before or morning of, I don’t remember, I was up til 3 in the morning cooking and then run in 5K Turkey Trot. But I got it done. Pear-Apple Crisp.


Ice cream optional. It didn’t look like that out of the oven.

The nice thing about this dessert is that:  It’s both a fall and winter dessert. Very comforting during the cold seasons especially warmed up with some ice cream up top. And two it can double as a breakfast item.

So how the heck do you make it? I literally made this up on the fly, so I don’t know if it’ll work for y’all but give it a shot


  • 3 C Apples Chopped
  • 3 C Pears Sliced
  • 2 Tbls flour
  • 1/2  Lemon (juiced)
  • 1/2 C Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


  •  1/2 C Oats
  • 1/2  C Flour
  • 1/2 C Walnuts (Chopped)
  • 1/4 C Butter (Cold and Cubed)
  • 1/2 C Brown Sugar

Bake in a dish for 45 minutes @ 375 degrees. Et Voila (That’s me using my French skillz)

The last dessert was Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, I did this last year so here’s a throwback for y’all. For those who just stumbled on this sucker.

After finishing all my thanksgiving cooking, you’d think I took a break? Nope. I got more stuff I made and will share during the Holiday season. So subscribe to this site and heck y’all can even throw ideas my way. I’m the king DIY so it’ll probably happen.

Speaking of holidays, I  believe now’s the time for X-mas music. But more importantly: TIME FOR EGGNOG!! I gotta have it. I may even try and make my own. Anybody know how???


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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011 Recap Pt.2: Pear-Apple Crisp. I like the word “Crisp”

  1. The Hook says:

    “CrispI is a cool word, isn’t it?
    Awesome post!

  2. Christina says:

    I just read a post last night about homemade eggnog.
    Courtesy of The Cooking Bride

    The crisp looks great!

  3. I use to buy school lunches (a million years ago). Whenever the dessert was a crisp I would eat the crisp and leave the mushy warm fruit (I can not abide the texture of warm, mushy fruit). I got real friendly with our lunch ladies and for the last 3 years, whenever we’d have fruit crisp dessert, they would set aside crisp for me and make it without the fruit. I miss that. This reminded me of that 🙂

  4. That looks awesome! And so simple. I’ll have to try it!

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