Buttermilk Pound Cake for the Holidayz.


What’s good world? How’s everyone’s x-mas shopping coming along? Me you ask? Hadnt even started and probably wont til the 21st or 22nd. Why? Procrastination at its finest.

Now before I talk about poundcake. I didnt realize my last post was my 100th post. Crazy. Good thing WordPress keeps track cuz I sure didnt. I even took a pic of it. See.

I even got a gold star and everything!!

So not much to blab about today.

I’m currently abstaining from watching ESPN, cuz of all the Tebow talk. No disrespect to the kid (weird saying that cuz I think him and I are around the same age) but I cant take anymore of it. I just cant. Can the Patriots end it so we can go back to our normal lives?

Like the guy, just not so much his throwing ability. I’ll stop it there before somebody with a Bronco jersey tries and starts a pointless argument.

Im in the middle of making an epic cake for a X-mas party I’m going to tonight. As in the words of the great rapper Slick Rick says “La Di Da Di. We like to party”

But the Poundcake as seen here

I made this for a couple of clients. Normally I would put that word in quotes, but I actually got a couple of ’em. I decided for my “Bakery” to make Poundcake for the Holidays.

You know the whole “you order (and pay for) it, I ship it to you” thing.

I think that Poundcake is one of those foods that’s (I hate saying this word cuz it’s overused on damn near every cooking shows but) “comforting”. And something that’ll give you a nice good food baby and put you in a food coma. Those are the best.

It sorta worked, I reeled a couple of folks in having a cake by me (ya boy) Ole-Bill for X-mas.

I dont know if any of y’all  be interested. But I just wanted to throw it out there. But if you wanted a Buttermilk Poundcake or a Lemon Poundcake. Let me know.

Next week I’ll show y’all my epic cake dessert. If you curious (and you know you are. Maybe), subscribe to this sucker and find out.

But for now, enjoy looking at Poundcake.

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3 thoughts on “Buttermilk Pound Cake for the Holidayz.

  1. izzytortuga says:

    why the screenshot?

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