Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes w/ Lemon Frosting. Yeah thats right I said “VEGAN”. Crazy.

Whats good y’all? How was y’all weekend?

Me? This was prob the busiest I’ve been in a while. Should I say all year?? Thats garbage. I apologize.

But for real, I got to watch the Olympic Trials for the Marathon. A friend from skool competed and finished in the top 40. Sure the top 3 make the Olympic team. But I got so much respect for those folks who put in the time and work to even make it to something like that.

Though I will say, it’s gotta suck coming in 4th place in that situation. I felt bad for that guy and girl who did.

Afterwards got to go to a swanky after-party, cuz after the race,its the AFTER-PARTY!!. (LA-DI-DA-DI. We like to PARTAY!!)

It was free food and open bar. WINNING.  Then the next morning I had to compete in the 5k of the Houston Marathon. It wasnt my fastest time, but it was the most fun I had running a 5k.

I even wore a shirt that said “I’M SO GETTING A BURGER AFTER THE RACE” Which I did do.

But what does that have to do with the title of this post? Hmmmm…….

Well prior to my race-filled weekend, I had to make cupcakes for a client that were Vegan. Now I aint really sold on the whole “Vegan” thing. I’m a meat-eater. It’s too good to pass on. But after researching thru a Vegan Dessert book, I came up with a Vanilla Cupcake that was vegan.

How you ask? Soy Milk and Canola Oil. And it worked. Huzzah!

I was really surprised how flavorful they came out. I for real thought they were gonna taste funny. Honestly. But even yours truly was dumb-founded on how good they came out.

Now am I gonna go gung-ho and swap dairy for the Vegan life style. Hell No. I love milk too much. BUT. In an effort to lose some LB’s (Thats pounds in hipster talk). I may do so to lose some weight.

After this weekend of seeing so many people in tights and short-shorts, I’ve been motivated to shed some pounds for the summer.

But after my “Experiment”. I’d definitely put this on my menu.

So for those looking for Vegan Cupcakes. Ole-Bill gotcha covered. Holla @ Me.

Thats it for nows. If you like what you see, subscribe to this bad boy, I keep it updated during the week.

Now if y’all dont mind, my legs still hurting. You try running that much and doing P90X in the same day. Dumb idea? Possibly.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes w/ Lemon Frosting. Yeah thats right I said “VEGAN”. Crazy.

  1. mikstidbits says:

    Oh wow they looks delcious! something I should eat the next time i run!

  2. hyperhege says:

    I love meat and dairy myself but these look good! 🙂

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