Red(ish) Velvet Cupcakes on V-Day.


Happy (day after) V-Day everybody!!

I’m sure y’all prob had a good V-Day. If not, no big. This goes out to all my fellow single folks out there: You dont gotta have a “Lover” for V-Day. You just need LUV. I spell it that way for emphasis. LUV. You know you LUUV it. I kid.

To be honest, the only REAL good memories I have of V-Day is getting my drivers license on that faithful day.

When you get your license in high skool, you feel like whatever clever comparison you can think of.

That day, I was like Santa Claus and passing out candy to all my friends and nemesis’. Yeah I a few enemies in high skool.  Then again who didnt have enemies back then?

But theses days, its all about the Red Velvet Cake/Cupcakes. I aint have red, so I use maroon. Which is Red’s cousin(?). They look somewhat red right?

I guess since thats the only cupcake thats Red and White thats goes with the V-Day theme. Why’s it Red and White anyways? Anybody know?

I’ve done this before last year on that faithful day. But I figured why not again.

For those of y’all wondering what’s that up top?

White Chocolate and Semi-Sweet Chocolate. Figured I’d try to make it look FANCY.

You Fancy huh?


That’s about it on V-Day. And likely this post.

But I gotta say R.I.P. Whitney Houston. I grew up listening to her songs, like most of us. And it’s hard to come to grip that she’s gone. My hope and prayer is that her daughter Bobbie Christina is able to come out of this okay. Kid prob didnt have it easy having two singers as parents. And folks like TMZ oughta leave her alone and let her have her time to grieve.

Im a media person too, but I guess I got a conscience to where I know when to back off of a story.

But that’s all I got for today. Like what you see like hree

Subscribe to this site. I do update it. For Realz. Also dont be shy, comment. Tell me if you like or dislike (I wont take offense. Not much anyways) what you see.

Until then. Remember this: You dont gotta have a “Lover” on 1 day. You just gotta have LUV.


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5 thoughts on “Red(ish) Velvet Cupcakes on V-Day.

  1. teder7 says:

    I clicked Like 🙂 I am thinking that I like this post the most from you. Its somehow a bit sweet. i also, lets say fancy those pictures of cupcakes 🙂 they seem to be very tempting 😉
    So, having some free time for cooking, i will try to make some my own 🙂 Honestly, i have never have had a chance to bake cupcakes. (bytheway, skool is a good word – kool means in Estonian language school)

  2. Jean-François says:

    We don’t have these where I come from, but have been seeing them a lot in LA. So a novice question: what makes them red?

    • jaybaythahut says:

      Welp, there are a couple of reasons:
      1. The reaction of vinegar and buttermilk causes the cocoa to turn a redish color.
      2. Some recipes have beets in them. Which acts as a sweetner.

      Where are you from originally?

      • Jean-François says:

        Thanks! I’m originally from Montreal, and then lived in Japan for a decade and a bit. I just moved to LA last year.

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