My Attempt at Souffle. Blackberry Souffle. Is there an accent key on keyboards?

Before I get to the topic at hand.

I’d like to say how amazed and slightly dumbfounded ( I say that in a good way) at how many followers I have and just how global this has become.

I know it sounds corny talkin about that. But at discoverin you can see where people are viewin ya site. This sucker done gone GLOBAL!!!

Shout out to all the other countries besides Amerrica(thats how I spell it sometimes) that see this site and comment and like what y’all see.

So what have I done lately: Tryin to finish up the drawings for the Grooms Cake I gotta make in June. I’ll hopefully have it successful w/out it crashin and burning into a firey flame.

Also I randomly ran in a 10k that I did not rehearse at all, but ran it for a friend. Needless to say I am owed dinner for that.

But I did eat a crap ton of Ice Cream. It was located at near this giant Ice Cream Company. And I even won a 1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream.


So back to the original post.

So Souffle. Prob the most scariest French desserts around.

Mainly because of gettin it to rise and then it collapsing scares folks.

But also somethin to note about makin Souffle: Its an immediate serving dessert. As well as a ONE TIME thing too.

You can’t keep it in the fridge for too long cuz it aint gonna look like a souffle but mush.

Kinda like the Pumpkin Carriage in Cinderella after midnight.

So in other words. EAT IT! and EAT IT ASAP!!!

But that shouldnt scare y’all from tryin to make this.It’s pretty easy, just use:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 tlbspoons sugar
  • pinch of salt + a couple drops of lemon juice
  • 1 Cup of Blackberry Pastry Cream (see the post below on how to make reg Pastry Cream and add Blackberry Puree)

Bake at 400 Degrees for 10 minutes.


  • Add a couple drops of lemon juice and pinch of salt to the egg whites and get to whippin.
  • Then once they get to that Soft Peak stage, add the sugar GRADUALLY (dumpin it at once could drop the height of the egg whites)
  • Fold in the pastry cream with the egg whites and put it in ramekins.
  • To fool-proof this: DONT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR UNTIL the 10 minutes are up. NOT HALF-WAY, NOT QUARTER OF THE WAY. NO!!!!!!!

And you get this:

Unless you open the door at some random point. Then I cant help yall with that one. Just kidding. Maybe.

That’s all I got for nows. But for real shout out to all this international (I had to pause for a sec to figure how to spell that) attention and what not.

Also if you like what you see? Subscribe, Like and or Comment on what you like or see. I do pay attention to your comments.

Don’t think they go unnoticed.

Til next time I’ll leave you with this

BTW, I wanna make Creme Brulee soon, anybody got any ideas where I can find a big blow torch???


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