We talkin about Practice, A Practice Groomscake here. Practice.

Welp, I’ve failed again. Been MIA again, and Im sure some of y’all was hopin for somethin last week.

I apologize. Some of y’all are prob like “What??”

But anywho’s I’m away from Texas. Technically on Biz-ness (or Biz-nass if ya want).

I am making another groomscake. Yeah thats right, this guy here (Ole-Bill) is makin another groomscake.

Now there’s that whole story I told of the last groomscake story. (No this aint a trap) We all agreed that it wasnt my fault.

But I’m at it again, this time around I’m making a cake inspired by the candybar: Twix.

Chocolate, Caramel and More Chocolate. Whaaa??

As seen above.

This was a practice run. Not the real thing. Just practice.

I wanted to take pics of this bad boy, so that I can show the world that the groomscake DOES exist.  So it did happen. One of my philosophies is “Pics or it Ain’t Happen.

But I’ve been takin this seriously. I even had the groom try it  and the groom himself even liked it.

But I gotta be honest. I’ve got wedding jitters. And I aint the one getting married. I can pull off the cake no prob as seen here:

That’s not what I’m terrified about. It’s more of the assembling it and it falling apart is what I’m petrified of.

Yeah I just used “petrified” in a sentence.

But it aint my first specialty cake, I’ve had some experience with a multi-layered cake. But not when it’s for a wedding and it’s for the groom.

And I just noticed “But” was used back-to-back sentences.

Now normally I would give out a recipe of how to make this chocolate wonder, but because it’s a “special”ty cake. Can’t really do that right away.

I know , I know “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

But I can give y’all pictures of the practice cake. (That makes it better no?)

You know I gotta do an above head shot.

Hopefully, Lord Willing. I’ll even show y’all pics of the actual cake at the reception.

Keep y’all fingers crossed.

But thats all I got for now. If y’all like what you see. Like, Comment and/or Subscribe to this sucker.

I swear I usually keep this thing updated. Weekly most times. But I’ll leave y’all with one more pic of the groomscake. The practice one anyways.

Til next time… If you need a groomscake made…you know who to ask…ha! I kid….But for realz, I could if y’all want.

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4 thoughts on “We talkin about Practice, A Practice Groomscake here. Practice.

  1. Practice or not…I would totally eat this! YUM!

  2. Conor Bofin says:

    That is a real Man’s cake. It lacks any finesse but I think I could stick my face into it it looks so tasty. Post a slice to me!

  3. Dude, that cake is EPIC.

  4. Selvinas says:

    Your cake still looks better than any cake I would ever bake!

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