Who’s got two thumbs and pulled off a Groomscake for a wedding? This Guy(me!).

Welp, I’ve done it.

I pulled off a Groomscake for a wedding. The most funn-est( pretty sure thats a word) and most stressful thing in the world.

And yours truly did it.

One of my former roommates got married last weekend, and a while back asked moi to do the groomscake.

Well it  was more of “I call dibbs on doing your cake” type of thing really. But he still said yes.

It was chocolate and was inspired by the “Twix” candy bar.

Now you probably thinking “What it look like?”  or “Pics or it aint happen”

No worries. I got that covered. Behold.

I hadnt really gave it a name, I’ve just called it “Tha Groomscake” for now. But it’s definitely a work of art that I am real proud of.

I’ve heard this statement before,( I think on Top Chef: Just Desserts) that cakes are kinda like your kids/babies. Weird at first but dig this.

As a baker, you spend some much time and effort into it and at the end of the day, you just want everyone to love what you brought into this world.

And that is the cake. Esp at somethin like a wedding w/ hundreds of folks at the reception.

The fact that people got to see  it and taste it (and from what i’ve heard they actually liked it. Crazy).

That’s what I’m proudest of. Real Talk: There’s nothing about that cake I’d do differently.

If another opportunity like this comes around, you best believe I’d do it.  The planning,  the drawing out designs, the cake tasting sessions.

Those were ,well besides pulling it off, some of the fun parts of the process.

So if y’all need a Groomscake maker, you know who to call..

On that note that’s all I got for now. But I’ll leave y’all with another parting pic

Now excuse, I gotta get my mixer out of  my car.

That sucker is heavy.

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