The Return of Peach Lemonade..and a Tip!!


I’ve got to admit somethin right now: I’ve lost track of what day of the week it is.

Guess that’s whats the downside to having a holiday in the middle of the week.

So other than being a (somewhat) decent baker/cook. I’d like to think of myself as what the kids may call a “Lemonade Afficianado”.

Not sure if that’s how you spell it, but oh well. Anyways, to me Summer = Lemonade.

I’ve got to have it!!!

After work, some folks like to crack open a beer, I prefer a nice tall glass of lemonade. ¬†Especially if it’s a special kind like this here:

Peach Lemonade.

Guess it’s the fact that I’m southern and (partially. still a Texan.)grew up in Georgia.

The Peach capital of the world. Peaches are one of my absolute favs.

Actually on the 4th, some dude had all these peaches that he was giving away other wise he’d dump ’em in the garbage.

Me, being the somewhat klepto (I say that only with free food. I will load up son!) had to grab as many as I could fit in my backpack w/out crushing ’em.

I even made a giant patch here,see:

I may or may not have a problem.

But I’m not just a Peach Lemonade addict. I love it w/ Watermelon, or soon I’ll attempt it w/some Blackberries.

Instead of just giving y’all a recipe. I was somewhat inspired to give tips on how to make dope lemonade cuz a friend of mine tried and failed miserably. Well idk how bad he failed but.

But I find this could probably help out tremendously to that kid that’s wanting to sell lemonade on the block for 50 cents, in this heatwave.

God speed,son!!!

For Lemonade:

  • Make a simple syrup. That’s equal parts water and sugar. I use 1 Cup Water+1 Cup Sugar. Put those two on a stove and let it boil/simmer for 5 minutes or til on the sugar dissolves in the water.
  • When making lemonade, USE REAL LEMONS!!!! None of this bottle lemon juice garbage. Squeeze out about 1 Cup of Lemon Juice. Plus your hands smell like lemons. Who don’t like that smell?
  • If you gonna add some fruit to this i.e. Strawberry, Watermelon, Blackberry, Peach, whatevs. Put said fruit in a blender and puree and put it thru a strainer to get about 1 Cup of Puree.
  • This may not be for you, but I like to add Seltzer/Soda Water to it, to give it more flavor.
  • If you gonna add it w/the water, I’d go equal parts at first. So 3 Cups of Each til you fill it up. Then stir.
  • For those who are grown, you can add some booze. i.e. Vodka, Rum, etc.
  • Let it sit in the fridge for a good 4 hours before drinking, so everybody can get to know each other.

And those are my tips. Hopefully y’all like it. I figured I’d explain my stuff a tad bit better.

If y’all like what y’all see, subscribe, comment and/or like. I do update this sucker weekly.

Lately, it’s been random days of the week. I like to keep y’all guessing for those whoever reads this thing.

But that’s all I got for now.



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4 thoughts on “The Return of Peach Lemonade..and a Tip!!

  1. msperfectpatty says:

    I’ve never had peach lemonade before but I’m sure it’s delicious!

  2. courtney says:

    Sounds delicious!

  3. roseshadows says:

    It looks good, will try to make some.

  4. […] who have crappy days: Pour ya’self a tall glass of whatever your fav drink is. (Mine’s Peach Lemonade.) Try and Crack a Smile. Thank God you survived the day and hope that tomorrow will be a lil less […]

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