I went viral (again?)? Guess I’ll make Giant Cookie then, Right?

So I post pics of pastries, and it gets on the front page on WordPress. Crazy right?

So what did I do when I went somewhat viral? Make a giant cookie.

Cuz, lets be real folks, regular sized cookies are just overrated.

First off I’d like to shout out the Powers That Be, (whoever they are) for me being “Fresh Pressed” again. (This is soundin like a tacky acceptance speech.)

For those of y’all who wondering, I got fresh-pressed the first time for makin cinnamon rolls.


I feel folks may get confused when they see this post randomly. But oh well.

So I made a giant cookie, as seen here:


Yes, that is what y’all see there is called  “A Big Ole Cookie”. You can sub “Ole” for whatever word(as long as it’s clean) you like.

This reminds of those skillet cookies Chili’s does. Or did. Do they still do that anymore?

I just found out that Pop Tarts dont make the Wildberry Pop Tarts no more. This saddens me.

Guess I’ll go ahead and make them myself. Foodie Problems.

So confession time:

The giant cookie really wasn’t from an inspiration, but more I got lazy and aint want to scoop ’em out and make small ones.

There I said it.  Don’t Judge me! I say that a lot.

If you follow this site at all (AND YOU SHOULD….IF U WANNA), I have done funfetti cookies before.

As Seen Here: I swear this aint a spam link.

Yeah I’m kinda lazy and dont wanna explain it, again.

The only thing is to get a big skillet. Or in my case a giant frying pan that’s DEEP.

And you can cut yourself a slice

Nothin says comfort like a Big ___ Cookie and Ice Cream. Esp. if you made everything ya’self. (I GOT SKILLZ SON!!!)

Esp. with the crazy stuff goin on: Shootings, Hurricanes, Princes gettin buck naked and random engagements to people from Nickelback.

It seems we need somethin to make us happy.

I’m a firm believer that food supposed to bring us together, not tear us apart.

So with that said, that’s all I got this week.

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I swear I update this thing weekly. Is this a hit and run? To (somewhat) quote the great Paula Abdul. Nope.

Had no idea where I was going w/that one, but it worked in my head.Randomly.

How bout I stop typing and leave y’all a piece of Big_____Cookie.

Til then, Im working on Wildberry Pop Tarts. I really want some.

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5 thoughts on “I went viral (again?)? Guess I’ll make Giant Cookie then, Right?

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Belated congratulations on your virus Bill. Lovely cookie too.

  2. Waiting on that pop tart… ;o)…. Its Friday afternoon and I am so bored at the office… could use that huge ol’cookie right about now!

  3. karnimata says:

    …So nice cookie! 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    I missed you being freshly pressed again. I try to read those every few days because I’ve found amazing blogs to read that way. That’s how I found this blog to begin with.

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