Mint-Aid. aka my new favorite drink after a long day

Oh hey there world. What’s new w/ y’all?

I’ve got a new drink for y’all.

Mint-Aid. Now y’all prob thinking: “Whaaa?”

It’s somethin I came across on Saturday at this restaurant w/my old man.

Now as some of y’all out there maybe aware of this: I’m a bit of a “Lemonade Afficiandao”

If that’s a real term. It is in my head anywayz.

I’m particular about my lemonade. You make a watered down lemonade, I will punch  you in the face.

Consider that a warning.

Not really, but I aint gonna be too pleased about it.

But havin tried it, I was (you guessed it) inspired to make some Mint-Aid.

Basically from what the waiter told me, “Mint-Aid” is a combo of citric juices w/ fresh mint leaves to infuse w/the juices.

Citric Juices= Orange, Lemon, Lime etc.

No, not Peppermint. Actual Mint. Like in that Orbitz gum.

Having bought Mint for the first time, it’s got quite a nice smell to it.

So spending about a day thinkin of how to come w/it. I’ve done it.

That moment when you’ve been successful in replicating something right/or creating a recipe and it works. It’s epic.

Almost like that scientist guy from “Back To The Future” running in and screaming “IVE DONE IT!!!!”.



When I tried it,  I was impressed by how all the juices worked together and not too overbearing.  Wow I sound like a food critic or whatever.

But its good drink to have after a long day. Some folks have a beer, I prefer lemonade.

Esp after this week of crazy stupidity.

Mostly: Going to court for my speeding ticket, paying for Def Driving, then also payin to be put on probation.

Yeah thats right Im on probation. I sound like a celeb gone bad.  But after 90 days, my other “offense” (not signaling changing lanes) will be dismissed.

Also I started training (hopefully yall not all excited BUT) for One-Half of a Half-Marathon.

I’m slowly regretting that decision. Oh well.

So after this week, I need a drink.

So here’s how you make this:


You’ll need this

  • 1 1/2 C Orange Juice (Fresh Squeezed, not store bought, so about 6 oranges)
  • 3 Lemons, squeezed
  • 1 Lime, squeezed
  • 1 Grapefruit, squeezed
  • 2/3 C Simple Syrup (That’s equal parts of sugar and water)
  •  Mint leaves
  • 2 1/2 Cups of Water
  • 1 Cup Club Soda


  • In a saucepan, put equal parts sugar and water (So if you put 1 Cup of Water, Put 1 Cup of Sugar in. OR 5 Cups of Water…you guessed it) and let it boil for 5 minutes til the sugar dissolves.
  • After the syrups cools down, add it in w/ all the squeezed juices in a pitcher, add some water and club soda.
  • Pick some Mint leaves off their stems and add it in, the leaves are gonna add a nice flavor to it. (Again, look at me talkin like a critic.)
  • Let it sit in the pitcher for a few hours. It’s better that way.

AND….that’s it.

Yeup. Indeed.

So give this a try….seriously.

So, y’all like what y’all see( Note my Texan language)?

Subscribe, Like and/or Comment on this bad boy.

I do update this sucker on a regular basis and I do read (and appreciate) the feedback.

So I leave you w/this


Cool overhead shot huh? Idk.

Til next time…I never know a good way to finish theses things, but I SWEAR I’m workin on it.

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