Angel Food Muffins w/a Twist!..Oh and I’m “Older”, I guess.

Since you last heard from me, I had a b-day. On Tuesday.

Yours truly is 1 year past a quarter century. (That’s 26 for those playin along at home)

What did I do??? Nothin really.

It was a Tuesday. Who party’s on a Tuesday? (Don’t answer that question)

I’ve had some crappy b-days in the past so I’ve kinda steered off from throwing parties.

But folks did wish me a happy b-day so it made bein 26 somewhat tolerable.

Fun Fact: I share the same b-day w/ Jason Sudekis, Lance Armstrong & Tony Soprano.

Well the actor at least. We Virgo’s do work son! Shout out to all the Virgos.

Well with that said, herres today’s post. (I know how to spell “here”)

Angel Food Muffins w/a TWIST!


It’s important to say “TWIST!” (Not really)

So what brought about this? Welp funny story in a nutshell

Too Many Egg Whites+ Desire to use them up – The Desire to make a cake + The desire to bake somethin for breakfast /The need to switch it up a bit = Angel Food Muffins.

I know Angel Food seems either intimidating and/or boring. But it doesnt have to be.

Just remember with that when you have egg whites, make sure NO YOLKS are in the whites.

You have egg yolks in the whites, they wont whip up.

Also GRADUALLY add the Sugar while the whites are whipping up to soft peaks.

Dont dump it before.

Dumping= Air deflation/ Lack of Volume.

Fun Fact: You can eat a bunch of these and not feel guilty about it.

With that said here’s my recipe for Angel Food Muffins, so to get this:

You’ll need the following

  • 12 Egg Whites (or around that number)
  • 1 1/2 C of White Sugar
  • 1  1/2 C of Flour
  • 1/3 C of Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp of Salt, separated
  • 2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 tbspoon of Lemon Juice
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • dash of ground clove
  • Zest of an Orange


  • Place the Flour+ Brown Sugar+ Salt+Cinnamon + Clove in a bowl. Set aside for the time being.
  • First whip up the Egg Whites w/some Salt + Lemon Juice to they get to that “Soft Peak” stage aka they look like some form of Bubble Wrap.
  • Then gradually add the White Sugar, bit by bit til it’s all dissolved.  And you get “Stiff Peaks”. aka take the whisk out and some of the egg white should hold up on it’s own.
  • Also add the vanilla and mix for 30 seconds.
  • Then w/ a Rubber Spatula, fold in the Flour mixture, bit by bit til it’s all incorporated.
  • Note: Fold= gently mixing, aggressive mixing deflates the egg whites(which acts as the leavening agents aka b.soda/b.powder)
  • After that, zest an orange and fold it in as well.
  • With a Piping bag/ Zip lock bag, pipe out into the muffin tins.(make sure they are greased down first, or they’ll stick. Which is indeed lame.)
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes. This will yield about 2 dozen of these.

And there you have it folks, Angel Food Muffins w/ a TWIST!!


So, that’s all I got for this week.

Like what y’all see?

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I do update this sucker on a regular weekly basis, so do expect something every week.

With that said. I’ve got some giant limes to put to good usage. What am I gonna make?

No idea. But stay tuned and you’ll find out……

I done got you hooked already. Prob not, but whatevs…



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4 thoughts on “Angel Food Muffins w/a Twist!..Oh and I’m “Older”, I guess.

  1. happy belated! mine is coming up in a few days as well, love being a september baby. this recipe is awesome though – will definitely have to try. i have some incredible preserves in my fridge that i can just imagine eating with those… my mouth is watering already, lol.

  2. Vinny Grette says:

    OKAY! Will try these but will swap stevia for sugar and add ground almonds for bulk. If they turn out, I’ll post them for you 🙂

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    My B day was on Wednesday. Spent the day in work from 7.30 AM to 8.00 PM. Got home and had a decent Skype with daughter in foreign lands. I see you are admitting to 26. I can confidently say that I am ageing at a percentage rate that is less than half the rate you are burning.
    Happy Belated Birthday and nice cakes too.

  4. marymtf says:

    I refuse to have birthdays. Very creative thought this angel food muffin. I imagine that it will be nice to have angel food in small bites. Well done.

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