My Top 12 of 2012… Original aint it???

  1. Welp, whatta ya know…

We survived y’all!!!

I’m pretty sure we knew that all along… although that John Cusack “2012” is goin straight to the Comedy section on Netflix now.

That said, hopefully y’all had a good 2012… maybe it was full of laughter, maybe not so much…

But at the end of the day(or this case year)if you can look back and reflect and crack a smile and think “It wasnt so bad” then it was a good year.

You may not have accomplished ALL the goals you set 4 yo’self such as losing 15 pounds instead of 25 pounds.


But as long as your work towards them… then its all good (somewhat).

This year I attempted a lot of different foods and different styles.

From French to Southern to A Groomscake… I know that aint an actual “Style, but its a pretty freakin cool thing to pull off for 100+ peoples.

So I composed a “Top 12” list of the things I made this year I found to be my favorites.

Now composing this list, I put together “criteria” (fancy right?)

Well it was more, what I liked and what got a lot of feedback from y’all out there…

SO heres my list… so read it backwards please.

  1. Doughnut Holes (Why cuz it went viral..duh!!) 
  2. Macarons (its harder than it looks…)
  3. Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream (quite delish….)
  4. Tarte Tatin(Rolls off the tongue so eloquently…)
  5. Vegan Whoopie Pies(see, desserts can be healthy right….)
  6. Eclairs (This was durin my whole french obsession…)
  7. Peach Ice Cream (My first attempt at Ice Cream for reals…)
  8. Peanut Butter Cupcakes (I wing’d it on those…..)
  9. The Practice Groomscake (figured it should make the list no?…)
  10. Creme Brulee (Easiest thing in the world…seriously…)
  11. Apple Pies (like the ones at the fast food place….)
  12. Wildberry Pop Tarts (One of the greatest things ever…)

And there y’all have it…hopefully y’all enjoy my picks and pics (see the wordplay there…) and if there’s one you thought shoulda made the list…tell me!

Seriously… I take criticisms…to an extent.

Also if y’all got any ideas/suggestions for 2013…comment!!

I’m screamin as I write this…also I’m watchin my Texans play (my optimism for that Super Bowl run is slowly diminishing by the minute).

But y’all have a good new year!

And if y’all like what y’all see?

Comment, Like and/or Subscribe….I do update this sucker frequently.

I would say weekly, but that was a lie. Maybe that could be on my New Years Resolutions.

But here’s a pic of some Creme Brulee for the road…

Creme Brulee


Fun Fact: I’m a firm believer that Sipping any beverage from a wine glass automatically makes you classy… just saying.

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One thought on “My Top 12 of 2012… Original aint it???

  1. marymtf says:

    Nice list. You make it hard for some of us to accomplish that weight loss goal.

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