The Oreo Cake…The Opposite of Your New Years Resolutions

Well world, Its 2013…

We survived whatever apocalypse we thought was gonna happen (but likely was all in our head) and got to 2013…

Hopefully y’all ate plenty of Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day, its for good luck.

If not, hopefully y’all didnt do your laundry that day, thats bad luck.

Apparently, Im chalked full of southern New Years traditions.

Hopefully y’all had a good time partying and bull… nevermind.

With that said, its a new year, for most of us, a chance to make resolutions.

I dug up and found mine from 2012… I accomplished a few and made strides towards others.

While others, I laughed at.

I did pull off a groomscake for a wedding and I was able to help out in a restaurant style- kitchen…

So Kudos to me!!

This year, Im gonna try and be a bit better about cleanin my kitchen.

Thats the downside about being a cook, I guess.

Also I’m gonna drop more weight, I’ve dropped about 15 pounds in 2012. I wanna drop some more.

Not bone skinny, Just enough to where my “Man-Clevage” up top gets flat…

I call it like I see y’all.

I hope y’all keep up w/the resolutions. But I present to you a cake I made for a cake contest on New Years Eve.

The Oreo Cake.

Oreo Cake

Fancy huh? Welp Unfortunately… it aint win.

I know WHAAA???!!!!

I wasnt TOO bitter about not winning nothing. It was all for fun, but I at least should’ve took home “Fan Favorite”.

I got a lot of compliments for it, but oh wells.I aint harping…. I don’t think….

But it was a fun night, I competed in a pie eating contest where I ate chocolate pie and got it up my nose… I still smell chocolate.

Not sure if that’s a good thing.

For this site, I plan on attempting (keyword there) on makin healthy desserts.

SO, for the next few weeks, I shall attempt this goal, to show y’all out there, you can have your cake and be healthy too.

Oreo Cake

I’m pretty sure somebody is gonna see this post and think this makes no sense what-so-ever.

Oh wells…

With that said, hopefully y’all enjoyed this random post and stick around for more wacky adventures in 2013 from yours truly Ole-Bill…

So please, Like/Comment/Subscribe to this sucker…I do update ever so often.

To further bribe you, here’s one more pic for the road.

Btw, anybody feel this whole New Years in the mid of the week is REAL confusing???

Oreo Cake

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5 thoughts on “The Oreo Cake…The Opposite of Your New Years Resolutions

  1. sosorio314 says:

    Reblogged this on Sara Osorio and commented:
    I need to learn to make this

  2. eviejordan says:

    Your cake looks amazing! Very very very impressed! PS I like random posts.

  3. 1st-time mom says:

    The cake looks gorgeous! yum!

  4. Jamie says:

    That cake looks awesome, I want to eat it right now….

  5. Oh… My… Goodness. This is by far the best looking Oreo Cake i’ve ever seen.

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