Raspberry-Orange (or Orange-Raspberry, whatevs) Cupcakes. Vegan Style y’all!!!

So I just realized, I’ve been failing miserably at updatin this sucker on a weekly basis…

It’s more like, “Ehh, I’ll update when I feel like it!! GAAAH!!!”

Never really saw the popularity of Napoleon Dynamite.

Well work kinda takes priority.

Fun fact: Long Hours working + Lack of Sleep = Massive Brain Farts.


Anyways in the last 10 days, yours truly won a radio contest!! Thats right, THIS GUY!!

It was this “Cash Clips” Contest of havin to guess what the 5 clips of songs were. And I did it..and won some money.

I honestly didnt even think about the money(for reals), I was all concerned about winning and getting the win. VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

So, I won some money, IM RICH BIAA….Not really. Not enough to retire on, but I’ve got gas money…that’s a plus.

SO what does that got to do w/ Cupcakes??

Nothing. But as usual, half my post dont got nothin to do w/ the food of the week.

So a while back I was asked to make Cupcakes for a B-Day Party…but they had to be Vegan.

I know right? Vegan…sounds all odd….and weird. No offense to y’all Vegan peoples.

BUT, I somehow managed to pull it off.

Vegan Orange-Raspberry Cupcakes

(Vegan) Orange-Raspberry Cupcakes

Fancy huh?

Well I do try to be when necessary…

I’m finding out that the whole “Vegan” thing doesnt mean eatin dirt or Tofu.

Do Vegans eat Tofu??? Somebody explain…

Anyways, I digress…can y’all believe January is about done??!

Sad aint it?

We dealt w/ a cheating cyclist and a football player being duped into what was a juicy storyline for a soap now is just flat out odd and weird and done with.

At least I am now… stupid catfishin.

So the Super Bowl is almost upon us. Don’t really care…

I only care about the commercials and the Beyonce halftime show.

Usually the halftime shows usually are not that great, not after that whole “Boob” thing.

Remember when EVERYBODY flipped out about it…silly now aint it???

Anyways enough about that…here’s another pic

(Vegan) Orange-Raspberry Cupcakes

Well that’s all I got for nows…

I’ll try n do better about updatin weekly.

But if you like what y’all see, feel free to subscribe to this wacky thing here…

Also feel free to comment and/or like this as well… no pressure or nothing.

I always find it hard to find a way to end these posts…

Anybody got any good catchphrases????

I’ll give y’all a shout out.

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