The Parfait Saga/Adventures/Whateverword for “series” Pt.1: Black Forest

So…its February and you know what that means?

Whatever health goal you had last month has prolly gone by wayside now.

If you’ve stuck with it…more props to y’all.

So I kinda quit the whole “Healthy” Dessert thing, I may come back to it during the summer.

But I’ve got bigger fish to fry!! By fish I mean Parfait.

What the two got to do with each other???

No idea.

But anyways, I have to make Parfaits…Porque??

Well, yours truly has been hired on as not only a groomscake maker, BUT I gotta make desserts for The Rehearsal Dinner….thats right Desserts.

And I may or may not have to make Parfaits for at least 100 people.

The more I think about it, the more I think “Holy Crap, What did I sign up for??!!!”

So I gotta make Four different parfaits: Red Velvet, Key Lime, Tiramisu and (what this post is about) Black Forest. Black Forest Parfait

Fun Fact: Black Forest Cake is traditionally a dark Chocolate Cake with Cherry Filling. And the filling’s got booze in it. Booze= Liqueur or Schnapps. It also originated from Germany.

Currently mine is “Under Construction” as in I’m workin on getting a better Cherry Filling and Brownie.

I’ve decided to go Brownie route to make it interesting aka “Switchin it Up A Bit”

But needlessly to say I got about a lil over 3 months to prepare and it get it right…

I’m an artist and we artists are cray cray about being perfectionists.


And hopefully I wont lose my sanity in the process of making not only a groomscake and Rehearsal Dinner Desserts.

A tall order, indeed. But I feel like this year is “Can Ole-Bill handle it???”

I’ve not only pulled off 3 dozen cupcakes (Holy Crap!) and V-day comin up, I’ve got to play “Chef” for a Singles event…

I thought Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) would be a fun way to say “Screw you V-Day!” for all us Single Folks…but NOOO!!!!

It’s okay, hopefully, it’ll work.

Black Forest Parfait

Anyways, that’s all I got for now..cuz I’ll just babel like I normally do.

Not sure if thats a good thing or not…still figuring that out.

But stay tuned for next week’s Parfait look.

In the meantime, if y’all like what y’all see?

Comment/Subscribe and/or Like this bad boy…

I do update this sucker fairly often.

Til then, remember this for V-Day:

You dont need a “Lover” for V-Day, You just need Love.

Hot right??

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