Brownie Cheesecake for all my V-Day peoples…Single or Taken.

So world, it’s V-Day…

Or for those who dont care, it’s Thursday.

But for those like Moi who are Single since the beginning of time, I offer this:

You don’t need a “Lover” on Valentines Day, You just need “Love”.

Top THAT Hallmark!!!

Well today is a big day for yours truly.

No I dont have a date. Like I said, I’ve been single since the beginning of time.

I am cookin for a singles dinner tonight. I’m in charge of making Pasta.

Shrimp & Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

For 40-50 people.

Am I nervous? Nope

Am I scared? YEUP

Never cooked for THAT many people and I’m terrified…I’m just terrified on the inside.

BUT I’m also in charge of makin dessert and I’m makin Cheesecake


Brownie Cheesecake

Yeah thats right, That’s what I’m serving tonight.

I had some left over Brownies from a couple weeks ago I kept fresh and I thought “What to do?”

And I thought why not incorporate into a cheesecake?? HOORAY!!!

So thus is why I made this….


Brownie Cheesecake


For those wonder what the heck is that up top???

It’s Chocolate Ganache…

Ganache= Chocolate Chips+ Warm Cream.

I used Dark Chocolate w/a bit of Milk Chocolate to Sweeten it up a bit.

So it’s basically Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate.

Fun huh?

Well world I would stay in chat longer, but I gotta start prepping 4 tonight’s dinner..

Wish me luck!!

Also that I don’t go nuts by the end of the day too….

Oh and I dont cause food poisoning too…That would SUCK!


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3 thoughts on “Brownie Cheesecake for all my V-Day peoples…Single or Taken.

  1. eleonora_s says:

    L’ha ribloggato su Yes indeed*.

  2. jarraitee says:

    Reblogged this on PHRENOLOGY and commented:
    hell yes.

  3. Penny says:

    Just found your blog. Could say I NEED this recipe – but that would be a lie. I just really WANT it. (Life is better when you know the difference between a need & a want. Sometimes Chocolate is both.) I know this was an old post. But people in my life NEED love, and this would fit the bill. (No, not a pun. DH’s name is John.) I don’t see the recipe anyplace on your site. would you have time to re-visit this blog & post the recipe? Many Thanks. -Penny

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