Part 2 of the Parfait Saga: Key Lime….y’all forgot about this “saga” too huh?

Oh hey world, It’s March…not only that.

It’s PIE DAY, PIE DAY….gotta get down on PIE DAY!!


Yes, that just happened….

So I’ve took a bit of a “Break” and by “Break I mean, I completely forgot about writing or cooking somethin new last week…. #whoops.

Sometimes I work cray cray hours or get pre-occupied w/stuff and I completely forget…


So as you may not be aware of…I’m making dessert for a rehearsal dinner…for 100 peoples….yeah

And I gotta make 4 diff parfaits: Black Forest, Red Velvet, Tiramisu and (what this post is about) Key Lime.

Key Lime Parfait

Key Lime is technically a pie so…this ties in well!!! YAAAY!!!

So world, I would like to give some advice: Go with your Gut…

Pardon the pun/ fact this a “Food” site, but whenever you find yourself uncertain about stuff: Go with your Gut.

If you know you prolly shouldnt eat that last slice of pizza, go w/your gut.

If you not sure about a potential job opportunity, go w/your gut.

If you know you should try somethin different, go with your gut.

I say that cuz I figure somebody out there may need it…Idk…maybe.

I just realized theses 3 Sundays in a row are 3 monumental things…

Daylight Savings, St. Patty’s Day AND Easter?? Whaa???

Who decides when Easter is?? I always am confused by that…

Key Lime Parfait

So hopefully y’all have a good St. Patty’s Day…I got some tricks up my sleeves y’all!

And this time I’ll tell y’all what I did..

That’s all I got this week, but hopefully this was an entertaining post.

I cant really guarantee your money back, since…well y’all know.

But if y’all like what y’all see?

Comment, Subscribe and/or Like this page…I do update this sucker frequently.

Til then, remember go w/your gut…

That thing knows what it wants… usually.

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