Oh Hey There, Here’s a Giant Ice Cream Sandwich…and School Talk

Hello y’all,

Yeah, I know, I almost went 30 days w/o a post update. Can’t really put a finger why I aint do it, but I did.

But I did wanna share that in 4 days, I will be starting skool. (school) and the journey shall begin!!!

For those of y’all who just stumbled on here and are like “HUH???”

I’ve decided to go back to skool (school) and go into Culinary Arts and learn Baking, for reals.

SO, the journey begins on Monday and the end goal is to be able to do peoples wedding cakes…not sure why, but The Wedding Game interests me the most.

I’ve done a few so far and would like to continue on…so if you know somebody…

Just kidding, not really.

So in honor of that, I’ve made a giant Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream Sandwich

This was for a surprise b-day party, I didnt feel like making a cake to be honest.

It’s not every day, you have a giant Ice Cream Sandwich as a b-day present.

So w/that said, I’d like to drop some “Wisdom”

Ive learned this week, It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

This week alone, I’ve had to try and be a “Fixer” aka the Male equivalent to Olivia Pope. (I LOVE HER!! WHY SHE MARRY THAT FOOTBALL PLAYER GUY?? LE SIGH…)

Anyways, and how you say something on this type of platform or social media can either help or haunt you.

Social Media does have its dark side and folks should know how to navigate through it.

Not sure how well I did in “fixing” the matter, but I hope I made some impact on those two.

Sorry, I sometimes I get all “rant-y” and forget y’all came here for food…

Here’s another shot of the Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

That’s all I got for now, hopefully y’all enjoyed it.

Next time I post, which should be sooner rather than later, I will tell y’all all about my start in my Baking Classes.

With that said, never go to bed mad, but also never hungry. It sucks waking up at 3 in the morning and not being able to sleep.



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One thought on “Oh Hey There, Here’s a Giant Ice Cream Sandwich…and School Talk

  1. looks yummy….need t to try!!

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