Lime Tart & Skool Update…But Mostly Lime Tart

What up World?!


Welp, I’ve been in School ,I’m in Culinary at the local Community College. Oh? No Le Cordon Bleu??!!

It was WAAY more than I could afford. No shade at all thrown. I don’t want y’all out there tryin to start “Rumors”

But then again, I’d have to be famous for that to happen…#BOOM

Also, I walked into a tree branch on Labor Day whilst on my phone.

Dont Walk and Text Y’ALL!! Then again, I never thought I walk into one at my height.


Also been working/ getting ticketed/being broke as hell.

Nothing like being a college student again, am I right??

So the first week of school or as I like to call it SKOOL. We made Lime Tart.

As seen heeeyah!!!

Lime Tart

Pastry classes are a trip, for starters, its 6 hours long (GASP!) however it moves fast though.

Esp w/ Demos and then going into cooking. You look at the call and say “DANG ITS 11?”

I got a 7 am- 1pm class…dont judge me. How I make it to class at that time is an act of the Big Guy Upstairs (Thats God for those who dont know).

Besides that, having to weigh your ingredients  into Grams and Ounces as opposed to doing the “2 Cups Sugar, 1 Cup Flour” recipes is a trip as well.

If you aint good w/ basic math, you are screwed.  Cuz there are times where you gotta double or do 1/2 of a recipe.

But all in all… I’m glad to be learning what I’m learning. I’m just trying to soak it all in.

As Corny/Cliche as that sounds, it’s truth. Plus I can’t think of a good comparison.

So the Lime Tart in Question has a Coconut Shortbread Crust w/ Italian Meringue on top.

Lime Tart

Piping is not my strong suit. I have learned. #DONTJUDGEME

Dont laugh, I may end up doing your wedding. No Lawsuits either.

I figure Wednesday would be a good day to keep updating this sucker..

It’s my somewhat day off and its HUMP DAAYEEE!!!

So stick around next week, which also happens to be my b-day…odd.

Real Talk: For all those here in the USA, lets not forget what happened today 12 years ago.

I feel like that day should, despite all the crazy things out there, make us appreciate  and love those around us.

Til next time, Hug Somebody! Seriously. You never know what that’ll do for ’em.

As long as you aint being creepy about it….now I just ruined a good moment. Oh well.

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2 thoughts on “Lime Tart & Skool Update…But Mostly Lime Tart

  1. Piping soft meringue and whipped cream is hard. The colder it is, the prettier your piping will be! Be patient, put constant pressure on your piping bag, and don’t drink too much coffee. It’ll have you buzzing, shaking, and weird.

  2. Miranda says:

    You are hilarious! First, yum. Second, hug. Third, HOLLAH!

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