My B-day Gift to y’all :Chocolate Mousse Tart #yourewelcome

Hello world,

I know its been a lil over a week…if I was to post on the EXACT day yesterday, it wouldve been on my B-day.

Yeah, yesterday I, Ole-Bill got older. Gotta say, 27…dont get it.

Sure I’m inched up to next year where I can say I’m “DAMN NEAR 30″…but eh, the whole gettin older thingy, not sure I get it at all.

So I pretty much ate BBQ w/my folks and then in the evening gathered w/a small group of friends and ate cake and FROYO (thats Frozen Yogurt).

Sometimes if you in the mood for it, I say FROLO!!! (FROYO and that 4 letter acronym I refuse to say by itself…)

It was nice, I aint really fond of HUGE parties where I gotta plan it, and then invite a crap ton of folks where I gotta bounce around every convo and fake LOL-ing cuz I have no idea whats going on in the convo.

I called my b-day party “MY SUPER GERIATRIC 27th”, its a spoof  of that MTV show waay back in the day where obnoxious 16 years olds got rando celebs at their party and unnecessary luxury cars on their b-day.

All while MTV filmed them actin like goofy brats…I wonder what happened to a lot of those kids?

Think they survived high school? Think those vehicles survived?

When I hit 16, When I had to go to skool ,I took a walk (PASSION PIT)…. not down a dirt road, it was a few blocks from mi padres house.

I just imagine their 17th b-day prolly sucked.


Chocolate Mousse Tart

Chocolate Mousse Tart…Every week in my class, it’s literally a surprise on what were making.

And what I don’t have, equipment wise…I’m SOO under prepared most of the time.

#DONTJUDGEME… also don’t tell my teacher….SHHH!!!!

That week, I learned, the fancier the Chocolate, the better the Flavor.

The sweetness, the chocolate-ness.(Not sure thats a word) hinges on the quality of your chocolate.

That’s my that cheapmilk chocolate…prolly not a good idea. Just eat it, not bake w/it.

Another tip: When you use Whipped up Heavy Cream (not COOL WHIP) make sure its whip to a state of where it’s Pour-able but yet got some peaks.

Then you fold.

Chocolate Mousse Tart

As you can see heeyahh!! I’m sorta gettin better w/my piping SKILLZ.  sorta.

SO… my word of advice as you get old.

Set Goals. Not Expectations. Expectations = False Hope. Goals= Progress.

Also 26 was an odd year any way, after 25, what else is there to look toward? 30?


So, I’ll just stop there, before I go further OFF the rails….Til next week:

Subscribe/Like and/or Comment. I do read these ya know…really.

Also, is it “FALL” where y’all are? its still 90 degrees and humid down south… #wompwomp

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3 thoughts on “My B-day Gift to y’all :Chocolate Mousse Tart #yourewelcome

  1. Miranda says:

    Full swing “fall” here. I’ve been baking just to heat up the house. Coconut chocolate cookies… Black and Whites… Port Wine cookies… Keep up the learnin’ ’cause that tart’s wicked pretty. Happy Birthday!

  2. My mouth waters just looking at the pictures . . . MMMmmmmm chocolate . . .

  3. Mmh my kind of tart!!

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