Short Bread Cookies aka What to do with Giant Blocks of Butter

Helloooo World…

I have been mulling over a drastic decision lately…. Getting a Smart Phone.

Now I know what you thinking? Ole Bill its 2013, How do you NOT have one?

Easy: I didnt want one.

I had a flip phone for 4 years, then a slidey phone for a little over a year.

When it comes to phones and technology, I’m an 85 year old who can’t operate one to save his you know what.

After hearing that (ALLEGEDLY) they’re getting rid of regular phones soon…

MIDAS WHALE (say it out loud, its also a name of a band)

SO, that’s one major decision…I guess?

Anywhos Short Bread Cookies


Theses look like those cookies that come in that tin box for X-Mas.

That red dot in the center is Raspberry Jam. When you make those kind of cookies, a little dab goes a long way.

You dont want too much cuz then it’ll spread too far and start oozing out and that aint cute.


Btw, y’all should watch that Jimmy Fallon/ Justin Timberlake “Hashtag” talk…hilarious


None the less, to get said look heeyahh

Fancy Cookies

Pipe the Short Bread Cookie Dough into “Florets” and then make an imprint in the center with an Egg White.

Then squirt a bit of jam into the center and bake. Christmas Gift Idea?


And its ALL MINE!!! Not you, MINE! Kidding Not Kidding.

Welp thats all I got for this week, I gotta go back to skool today…

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So is it “FALL” where y’all are? Cuz its still Hot as the Dickens down South in Texas…

Kinda hard tryin to enjoy that “Pumpkin Latte” when its 93 out…



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One thought on “Short Bread Cookies aka What to do with Giant Blocks of Butter

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