Apples in the Pie…with Crust Bits…there goes my Beetles Reference.

Well World, Its October…

For some of yall reading this: the leaves are already on the ground,  yall got the turtleneck sweater and sipping your Pumpkin Spiced…Whatever Drink being cozy….

Here, its a high of 90…Texas I tell ya.

They should make Pumpkin Flavored Gatorade if they want me drinking Pumpkin.

I’m a Gatorade addict….like stick an IV full of Gatorade, Im GOOD…

But enough about Pumpkin, we’ll get to that latersz….its all about the other forgotten Fall Classic…the APPLE.

I feel like Apple’s have gotten a bad rap, mostly cuz its tied to a Smartphone name, but cuz Apples are ALWAYS around…but they good though.

In both my cooking classes, we made Apple something. Tart or in this case heeyahh! (here) Pie

Apple Pie


Story of your life when you are in Pastry…When Life gives you Apples, you make Pie.

Another piece of advice I could give y’all: Be careful of Brownies. They are all fun and games eating, til you dying for some Milk.

Not sure what THAT got to do with it, but oh well.

So before I go off rambling much ado about nothing (and I do that a lot #SHAKESPEAR)

I should explain something I learned in class…

When it comes to the Pie Crust: USE BUTTERMILK…

You can use Water, but Buttermilk has Lactic Acid (WHO??!!)…

To explain, Lactic Acid makes it hard to make the dough to get tough when you work it…with your hands..

Cuz when you knead dough, the Flour’s got Gluten and Gluten when worked a lot stretches and makes your dough tough.

See you can even explain that to a 5 year old.. I should know, I’ve worked w/them before.

So it’s something to consider, for the Thanksgiving feast which will be upon us all shortly.

For those who’ve been following this sucker for a while, (THANK YOU! :D)

I take Thanksgiving seriously….I have cooked the Turkey before, it’s not an easy task.

Apple Pie

The top part above, was a “Streusel” topping, no idea what was in said Streusel topping as I had no part in making that….another group did.

But it was good though. I even tried to make leaves.

Unfortunately those “leaves” looked like Footballs…Not a big “Autumn” guy…though my b-day is technically in the fall.

But I do love Football though so hey, WIN WIN!

Welp, that’s all I got for now…

Hopefully in the midst of a random rant, you found somethin interesting in there.

If y’all like what y’all see: Comment/ Subscribe and or Like this page…I do update it…

Randomly. Thats a better word then frequently.

So til next time…Break out a Hoodie than the Turtleneck Sweater…

No shade toward those Sweaters, but I rather feel like I’m not being chocked.

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2 thoughts on “Apples in the Pie…with Crust Bits…there goes my Beetles Reference.

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