A somewhat sentimental thought involving a Linzer Tart

SO, before I get to randomly yapping about the Linzer Tart…I just wanted to say somethin.

We should appreciate those around us more…. Even if we barely know their names.

A while ago, I noticed this homeless lady that would sit out by the highway whenever I would drive pretty much anywhere…Usually a few times a week.

For whatever reason (maybe cuz I got some friggin big heart or somethin)I felt compelled to help her as best I could.

Am I made outta money? HA! no. But can I cook? Si.

So I tried to give her food out of my pantry…technically thats illegal here, but to that I say (excuse my French) Screw it..yeah I said it.

Mainly during the Summertime, I’d give bottle water, that I feel is more important…got keep from that pesky heat stroke…

I’m pretty sure she found it quite odd and random for a guy to keep trying to keep giving her water and food…

Esp since we live in a “ME FIRST!! YOU LAST!” kind of society…its always nice to go against that notion I guess.

Well a couple days ago at the bus stop across the street, I saw a vigil placed on one of the seats…I noticed it saying “RIP MS. CLEO” (no not the psychic lady)

And I slowly put the math together: Hadn’t seen her in a while and she wore sandals… those sandals were placed on the bench….

I guess what I am saying is that, yeah you may barely know a person, but appreciate what they bring into your life.

Sure sometimes it aint always the best, but it’s memorable no doubt…

So this post and tart is dedicated to that idea

Linzer Tart

Not exactly the cheerful post y’all prolly expected, but I just wanted to get that out there.

Well to cheer y’all up, I wanted to inform y’all this weekend: I shall be running in one half of a half-marathon.

That’s right, I shall be running in a 1/2 marathon relay…hopefully I wont get cramps.

Or a wardrobe malfunction or whatever… I know I will be wanting Kolaches after its all said and done.

Maybe even some more Linzer Tart: HEYO

Linzer Tart

But that’s all I got for now, hopefully you got somethin outta of this somewhat sentimental post here.

RIP MS CLEO (NOT THE PSYCHIC…dont wanna cause internet rumors)

Til next time…


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One thought on “A somewhat sentimental thought involving a Linzer Tart

  1. Antypasti says:

    that was a touchy read.

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