The Art of “Tempering” Chocolate w/ Hazelnut Biscotti…fancy huh?


Hopefully it aint a rainy depressing day as it is where I am…..

Seriously: Lightning+ Heavy Rain= Don’t even bother going anywhere.

Also hopefully y’all put some actual thought into your costumes.

The “slutty” nurse/tree/cow/whatever aint cleaver enough dammit!

And I have seen some pretty lame costumes over the years.

I will say the “Slutty Cow” would be kinda funny.

Anyways I will be in my skool attire as “CHEF BOYD HARDY”..

Say it out loud….

Pretty genius no?

(For those who hadnt gotten it yet: BOYD HARDY= BOYARDEE aka the guy on the Ravioli Cans)

I figured I share how to Temper chocolate on things so they look like this:

Hazelnut Biscotti

It’s actually not too complicated if I do say so myself.

Now in the past,the “Tempering” I have spoken of consisted of pouring hot liquid over eggs while whisking.

“Tempering” with Chocolate consist of heating it up to where its melted yet can harden back up pretty quick.

The technique I will use is the coveted microwave.

Step 1: Place chocolate in microwavable bowl (the fact that its a word is ridonkulous…i love it!)

Step 2: In about 10-15 second intervals microwave chocolate til it starts to melt. Stir chocolate to help it a long. Keep an eye on it, Chocolate will burn. And it STINKS… figurative and literally.

Step 3: When you see it somewhat melted, check its temperature, it has to be UNDER 91 degrees, F. Thats Faren…you know what I mean..

Step 4: If you dont have a thermometer, get some parchment paper and spread a dollop on it and smear it, touch it, if it hardens up after a minute, you’ve done it right! 😀

Step 5: Take whatever item and dunk, and slowly lift up and place on parchment paper. NO SHAKING/DRIZZLING!!! That just makes a mess on your hands…

And you get this:

Hazelnut Biscotti

thats it….

Oh fun fact: That Half Marathon Relay, we took 3rd in our age group!

Quite the surprise…but I figured me and my partner would do work out there…

Somehow I managed to run my leg (of 6.56 miles) in 51:13…

I’ll take it!

Well tomorrow is the start of something I’m excited about…


What you thought I was gonna say the Christmas Countdown?

PFff!! We got Thanksgiving people!! And that’s my holiday…

Well til then, Happy Halloween!

Also make sure to get some Candy on November 1st, its dirt cheap!



CHEF BOYD HARDY (yeah I know what it sounds like)

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2 thoughts on “The Art of “Tempering” Chocolate w/ Hazelnut Biscotti…fancy huh?

  1. Wish I had some right now.

  2. Wow these look delicious! Here’s my Halloween wish to you:

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