I do take request:Here is that Brownie Cheesecake…again.

So somebody asked me a while ago on here (See I do read these things) to post the recipe I used for this Cheesecake

This “Cheesecake” dont click on that, this aint the link…

I had made was for Valentine Day. You know that I “WUV” you day.

Anywhos, it was for a single’s dinner, I had also cooked dinner too.

For about 60 people…was I scared? YEUP.

But was I prepared? Darn tootin I was…

Was I mentally out of it by the end of the night…

In a nutshell…YES.

You spend about several hours cooking a big meal for people…

It’ll wear ya out, but you appreciate it after the fact….

But I had also forgot to mention the recipe, due to being in a frantic state of “OMG I GOTTA COOK ALL THIS FOOD!!!!”

I forgot to tell y’all how to make this:

Brownie Cheesecake

You’ll need the following:
1. 3 8oz Blocks of Cream Cheese at Room Temp
2. 3 Eggs, at Room Temp
3. 1 Cup Sugar
4. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
5. An Oreo Cookie Crust (aka Crushed Oreos + 6 tbspoons Melted Butter+ pinch of salt+ tablespoon of sugar mixed and placed in a Springform Pan bakded for 10 min @ 350 degrees)
6. Your favorite Brownie Recipe
7. Chocolate Ganache( Some Melted Chocolate w/Some Heavy Cream)

Steps are as followed:
1. Have your cookie crust baked and cooled first.
2. Whilst that is going on, Cream the Cream Cheese and Sugar together
3. Add one egg at a time. Til its combined. Add Vanilla Extract.
4. Chop up Brownies and Combine in w/Cream Cheese mixture.
5. Pour Mixture into Springform Pan crust and place in a water bath and bake for 50-60 min @325 degrees. Waterbath aka a giant skillet that can hold about 1 inch of water.
6. After the cooking time, turn oven off and let it cool in the oven for 45 minutes.
7. Afterwards gently place in fridge and let it cool overnight.
8. Spread Ganache over firm cheesecake et VOILA!

Pretty Straight forward no?

See, I do read y’all request… if there’s anything I’ve made that y’all wanna know how in the heck I did it…just ask.

Now excuse me, I have to try and enroll in classes for next semester…

Apparently they went faster than any singer’s career that tried to diss Beyonce…you dont diss King Bey people!

Anyways, til next time y’all!

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5 thoughts on “I do take request:Here is that Brownie Cheesecake…again.

  1. That looks AMAZING! I neeeed to try this 🙂

  2. trucvert says:

    I’m pretty sure this will make my life better

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