My New Obsession/Pet Project: Dulce De Leche..what took so long???

Well world, I’ve done it…

I got a new obsession and no it dont involve playing x-mas music now…

You can prolly guess, IM NOT THAT GUY!!


Anyway, we made Dulce De Leche randomly…mostly for truffle purposes only…

The Chocolate kind. For the Texans…who aint doing so hot…

But as a TRUE loyal fan, I cheer for them on Sundays….

So basically they were Chocolate Truffles with “Spiced” Dulce De Leche as the filling…

Dulce De Leche

By “Spiced” we added Chipotle Pepper Powder in it…

Btw that’s my “Pioneer Woman” attempt of taking pics and multi-tasking at the same time…not that easy.

Anyways, it was literally the only thing we did in class, why?

Cuz as delish is Dulce De Leche is, it takes FOOREEEVVVERRR

By that an 1hr and 30 min on the stove to cook.

But I watched it go from milk in a pot to Dulce De Leche…

I bonded with it and named it “DL” even…#isthatweird?

When you spend that much time watch it boil and turn, you cant help but get attached…


After tasting that, wouldnt YOU wanna be attached it to it too??

So for those wanting to know how to do it?

It takes the following:
1. 1 Quart of Milk
2. 1 Cup of Sugar
3. 1/4 tsp Baking Soda
4. Pinch of Salt
5. 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

And a HUGE pot…cuz it will bubble high and you dont wanna RUin nothing…

Take the first 4 ingredients and let it boil until it turns “Honey Brown”…

Then after that, take off the heat, add the vanilla,place pot in some cold water and cover lid w/plastic wrap.

If you wanna be bold, add about 1/4 tsp of Chipotle Chili Pepper

ONLY if you bold….

Maybe y’all do what I plan on doing and putting that sucker on Vanilla Ice Cream…

Maybe even as a spread like Nutella…you never know.

Welp that’s all I got for today.

Hopefully y’all enjoyed that fine recipe.

I’m off to try and enroll in some classes…Lord Willing.

Remember 2 weeks til Turkey Day…get excited!

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4 thoughts on “My New Obsession/Pet Project: Dulce De Leche..what took so long???

  1. This is great! I’ve only ever done Dulce de leche with condensed milk (just cook that sucker down.) and I do it in a pie pan in the oven. no stirring, which is Awesome! I’d suggest dipping apples in it, using it like nutella, and even drizzling it in oatmeal.

    • mayomix says:

      You’re right that Dulce de Leche is fantastic. ;-D

      I’ve made it from scratch before. But the caramelizing process is sooo slow that I almost fall asleep standing up stirring it. I’ve wanted to try the condensed milk can but have heard of too many exploding pans and burnt ceilings to try it…

      When I was in in Monterrey, Mexico we had cajeta, which is basically dulce de leche with a deeper flavor from goat milk and often some added liqour. It had a little bolder flavor but was still a sweet and smooth dulce de leche.

      • I love cajeta! The nice thing about doing condensed milk dulce de leche is that you can empty the milk into a pyrex dish and do it on a low oven. Minimal stirring, no exploding cans, all the caramelly goodness!

  2. ssbogan says:

    I haven’t tried my handing at making it yet, but I love to eat it and I better the homemade version is even better!

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