Cranberry-Apple “Pie”/”Tart” and I used too many quotes..

So, apparently SOMEBODY (i.e. Me) forgot to update this sucker….

#whoops #mybad

I’ve had a busy week and a half…

Projects, Exams, Certification Exams…and all of this in Culinary…#sheesh

So after today, I will have survived my first semester of Culinary Skool (thats how I spell it)…

And what have I learned?? That I’ve eaten more Raspberry Jam in the last few months than I have in  the previous 26+ years in my life…

I’m pretty sure I’ve got Raspberry seeds somewhere in my jaw, and I’m prolly growing a Raspberry tree in my gut.

But no doubt I have enjoyed every day that I’m in the kitchen…even if I may not been “in the mood” (that don’t sound dirty)

7am classes also are tough, both physically and mentally. But it is quite purrty seeing the sunrise though…but it may/may not be a cause in my somewhat insomnia.

But nonetheless, I have learned a lot and I am proud of me for going through it and surviving this 1st semester…

GO ME!!!!!

Anyways, for my assignment in my “Pies, Tarts and Teacakes” class, we had the option of writing a paper (something about pastry chefs and the holidays) or make a pie and take a pic of it….

I wonder what sapp ACTUALLY wrote a paper?

So as you can tell, I chose option #2…And here it is:

Cranberry-Apple Pie/Tart

Cranberry-Apple Pie. See I do my homework!

I ended up using dried Cranberries, if you stumble upon those, let’em sit in some orange juice for about 10 minutes…

I told my chef-teacher, that it was pretty fun having my fam (thats family) watch as I work like a crazy person in my aunt’s kitchen…

Thanksgiving is my Holiday like I’ve said prolly a bajillion times.

After the storm of the dinner, I was in my PJ’s drinking Eggnog.

Y’all can have your “Black Friday” shopping..I prefer NOT to get into an awkward taser battle w/some rando over bath towels, bed sheets or SKYFALL on Blu-Ray…

I enjoy my Eggnog, I would drink it year round, however the Summer Time would be a bit tough on the stomach..

Well that’s all I got for now, I’ve got 1 more final to do and I gotta prep for my friend comin into town this weekend.

Til next time, I’m gonna make Eggnog…I may or may not have a problem…


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3 thoughts on “Cranberry-Apple “Pie”/”Tart” and I used too many quotes..

  1. the Urban Strategist says:

    Haha, good luck with your food adventures (and continuing semester), and btw that looks positively delicious! Can I send away for some? Cheers*

  2. bricimino says:

    I did a similar one with fresh cranberries. The sweet and sour make such a party in your mouth!

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