Shortbread Cookies for 2014….FINALLY!!

SO…Hey World….

Long Time, huh…..

It’s been a WHIRLWIND of the last couple weeks…well ya know

Christmas+ New Years Eve+ A Wedding = Not likely to post anything

No, I didn’t get married. BUT I did do a Groomscake for a wedding…

Took me a about 2 days to pull off…I’ll post about that next week. I SWEAR!!!

But I just wanted to catch up on what I did for gifts for X-Mas…Shortbread Cookies

Figured it would work on theses reasons…

1. I had NO IDEA what to get anybody

2. It’s financially easy to pull off.

3. Who DOESNT like cookies? Seriously…you have no soul…kidding/not kidding.

So I made a CRAP TON of Short Bread Cookies:


Shortbread Cookies

and Chocolate.

Shortbread Cookies

I tried to temper chocolate and dip them, however, I was running low on chocolate and just started drizzling the chocolate over them as seen above.

AND I even made them festive for the holiday…btw speaking of which, anybody catch themselves listening to x-mas music now?

I still drink Egg Nog…dont judge.

Well, I know I’m behind on my annual “LETS LOOK BACK ON THE YEAR”

But 2013, was cray cray…doing a groomscake for 2 different weddings, enrolled in culinary school, running a whole bunch…that was just some of the highlights.

What are y’all Resolutions for this year??

2014, I look to finish school, maybe attempt a half-marathon. Oh and get a smartphone.


Well, when it comes to those, I am an 85 year old man..they don’t call me “Ole-Bill” for nothing y’all….

Til next time…

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2 thoughts on “Shortbread Cookies for 2014….FINALLY!!

  1. Harvest + Honey says:

    Happy I found your blog! Keep it coming 🙂

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