The Red(Raiders) Wedding…for all y’all GoT nerds…

Oh hey world…

I have an announcement, that’s the realm of that “Game of Thrones” episode….

You know where you SHOULDA read the book but you didnt and are just straight up shocked..

I will no longer post on Thursdays….WHHHHYYYYY!!!!! OOHHHHHHH!H!!!!!!

Instead I will post on Wednesdays for a while aka HUMP DAAAYYYE!!!

To answer that question, I got class on Thursdays in the morning so I wont be done til late so…

It aint like I’m forgetting y’all like that time over the Holidays (SHOTS FIRED!!)

So remember that time I said I did a groomscake for a wedding?

Welp, here’s the pic of the cake (warning, it’s not on a “Smartphone” #dontjudgme)


Texas Tech Cake

Like I said, dont judge the “quality” of the pic, I used my non-smartphone to take it cuz I forgot my normal camera…

So anyways, THAT is for y’all Texas Tech fans out theeyah (there)

The groom was a Tech grad and insisted that he have a Texas Tech Groomscake…

It took a day and a half (the half day was the actually wedding day)

Note: It’s important to eat WHILE you are working…

Working on an empty stomach= LOOPY Behavior…

Needless to say, the groom was happy and all the people there were impressed. I was impressed.

Not sounding arrogant, BUT it’s kinda like taking a step back and saying “Dang, I did that…”

Welp, after I finished the cake, I had A LOT of cake “Scraps” left over and got bored and frosted some leftovers

Chocolate Cake

As seen above…

I had a lot of cake and a lot of frosting so I figured why not FOMO!!

FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out aka 2014’s YOLO.

Afterwards I pretty much gave that all away to friends…apparently food wins people over.

My Piping Skillz is slowly but surely getting better though…#progress

Chocolate Cake!!!

As seen there…

But I am gonna be taking Cake Decorating this semester, so it’ll be (hopefully) 10x WAAY better than what I’ve done so far at this point in my “Career”..

So, what’s the next thing to take down???

Well I’m unofficially/”officially” doing a groomscake involving Kyle Field…

That’s for y’all Texas A&M Aggie lovers out there….

Welp, that’s a mouthful of stuff I just typed…hopefully that entertained y’all

Til Wednesday…

Btw, anybody watching GoT after that “Red Wedding” episode anyways??

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