Caramel Cake…well MY version of it anyways…



Anyways, the semester has barely begun and I’m already excited to start (can’t y’all tell :p)

I’ve already broke my baking sabbatical to make a Caramel Cake….never actually made one…

til now!!

Caramel Cake


Not really sure , why I sound so hype right now…maybe cuz I’m hungry.

Or as I like to call it “HOOPY” That’s Hungry+ Loopy…

I can also be “Hangry” thats Hungry+Angry…

But I’m more likely “Hoopy” then “Hangry” in most situations.

So this was the first time I made caramel on my own and my chef teacher would prolly be SO proud of me!!!

Caramel is kinda a “scary” thing to attempt, cuz you can burn it and mess up pots and what not.

Caramel = Burnt sugar basically.

Some tips I can give y’all so you wont be “paranoid”

  • To prevent “crystallization” or whatever that word means: I’d put a bowl on top of the pot, that way the steam hits all the sugar, try that once the water starts boiling for about 30 seconds.
  • Once your “mixture” thingy starts to turn amber, thats when I take it off the heat and add the Heavy Cream. Then Vanilla and Salt.
  • Add room temperature Heavy Cream, not cold…that will help it from becoming “possessed” and splatter all over and possibly hit you w/hot caramel. That stuff HURTS!

Let it cool down and then it’ll thicken up to a caramel sauce, then you can do whatever you like…

Put it on Ice Cream, Apples, in Frosting

Caramel Cake

As seen here…

With the semester starting this week, I’ll have a lot more pics to post on here.

So don’t you worry, DONT YOU WORRY CHILLD.

I’m just chalked full of references…aint I ?

Til next week, wow, we almost thru January…where does the time GO???!

Seriously, where does it go when its over???

I should stop before I get all “Philosophical”..try spelling that w/o Microsoft Word


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5 thoughts on “Caramel Cake…well MY version of it anyways…

  1. sophiebowns says:

    Heaven on a plate ❤

  2. Asna Faruqui says:

    it looks so so simple yet scrumptious 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    This looks delicious!

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