How about some Tiramisu for all those strugglin in the “Snow Storms…

I know, I know, it aint HUMP DAAYYYEE!!

But I at least remember to post right??

So, down here in the south we’ve been struggling w/the “Snow Storms”

Here in Texas, we’ve got Rain + 30 degree weather aka PANIC!!!

I lived in Kansas for 6 years, and I’ve driven in snow and sleet…its the others who have no idea what to do…

Fun Fact: A car behind me on the highway spun out…they were okay though.

Anywho, shout out to anybody in Georgia…that HAD to be tough.

The struggle was real for y’all.

With that said…how bout some Tiramisu:


You’ve prolly heard of it…but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Tiramisu= Italian phrase for “Pick Me Up”…seriously.

It’s like a dessert version of Lasagna…layers and layers of stuff.

  • You take “Ladyfingers” as they are called. Basically mini sponge-cakes.
  • Then you take Marscapone Cheese (Italy’s Cream Cheese) make a “mousse” like filling
  • Layer it up, ladyfingers first, then filling, then ladyfingers. You then finish off w/filling
  • Then coat w/some chocolate.


I was trying to be “Fancy” w/those lil chocolate designs or whatever…

We did a chocolate “Gelee” on top…what is that? Basically anything w/ Gelatin in it to give it body and not be soupy…

So…that’s all I got for now…kinda had a brain fart and forgot what I was gonna say.

It was prolly gonna be something random. But I’ll get back to y’all on that.

Til then, do Subscribe and/or Like this page…even better: COMMENT!


Anyways, y’all stay warm..HOLY CRAP! February is almost here…dangit man.

The Struggle Is Real!

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6 thoughts on “How about some Tiramisu for all those strugglin in the “Snow Storms…

  1. Afterdinner says:

    Your tiramisu is gorgeous. Nearly une oeuvre d’art… Bise! 🙂

  2. cheryllovesfood says:

    A Georgia gal here, was a bit rough, but made it through. That tiramisu is stunning. Wanna see the inside! I’ve been working on making mascarpone from scratch to make one of these. Thanks for sharing and Hugs!!!

  3. tastyrules says:

    This is a fantastic tiramisu!!! Not missing anythinig….Congrats!

  4. PJ Sassifras says:


  5. Ted Luoma says:

    Looks like it’s big enough for me. I’ll need another one for the family.

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