Made Croissants from scratch…The Struggle is REAL!!!!

As this week’s title eludes to… I made croissants from scratch.

It was NOT easy!!! Basically, its a lot of HURRY UP and then wait..


These aint your mom’s Pillsbury Doughboy Croissants!!


They were made w/ love and a hell of a lot of arm strength….

Basically take a “human baby” of dough 7lbs 8 oz and start from there…

fyi, I was a fat baby,well I weight more than that “human baby” of dough….anyway

then beat the crap outta 3lbs of cold butter then roll onto 2 9×13 pan.

Then roll out the the dough then place one of the butter sheets on there and roll it thru “Big Bertha”….

She a beast….I call her Karma…no I really don’t. She’s just a machine

But if you aint nice to her, she aint nice back.

Anyways… if you were to do this task of rolling manually…

Be prepared to spend….meh 3-4 days of rolling and freezing dough.

My chef teacher said she’d charge 3 bucks a pop for fresh handmade croissants…

After making all of them on Friday, I dont blame her…


Next time y’all get a croissant, know the labor that went into them!!!!

Fun Fact: That Friday night, whilst getting gas, a homeless dude said he was hungry.

I thought I’d give him some of my croissants I made. Turns out he was allergic to gluten….

All I could say was “COME ON!!!!”, not out loud of course, it was already awkward as it was…

Previously I tried to give a homeless guy cookies, but he was a diabetic…I got such good luck huh?


Anyways, that’s all I got for this week.

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Next week’s Valentine’s Day is coming soon…and you know what that means?

I got a hot date!…with a tub of ice cream and cookie dough #dontjudgeme

I’m bout that life!! Single life that is…..


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10 thoughts on “Made Croissants from scratch…The Struggle is REAL!!!!

  1. sophiebowns says:

    They look amazing!

  2. Sam Sin says:

    These croissants look for professional! I’d avoid making them based on your experience and carry on buying them in… 🙂

  3. Hayley says:

    They look great! I must admit, I tried to make croissants once using my bread machine for the dough part of the job but when it came to rolling in the butter, it just squished and melted everywhere (it’s so hot here in Singapore!). My patience was short that day and the whole lot went in the bin. Well done you for getting to the end of it!

  4. I once tried to make croissants and can appreciate your feelings – I decided that my local bakery’s where just as good, if not better, so it wasn’t worth the effort to make them myself.

  5. Hilarious… and yummy…. and true! I loved the SO… MUCH… BUTTER… part. A hint of Julie & Julia? I am obsessed with that movie and you heavenly treats sound divine. Cheers to the single life!

  6. mydearbakes says:

    That’s my kind of bake! Lovely! =)

  7. tastyrules says:

    These croissants look really good! although I use to buy them…faster and easier 🙂

  8. joeyhl says:

    Now i wanna have buttery flakey croissants…

  9. PJ Sassifras says:

    (bows) I’m not worthy! Awesome job they look perfect.

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