Cake, Cake and More Cake…and an Announcement…Ooohhh!

Hello there world…

Some of y’all thought I’d forgot to post yesterday huh?

And prolly thought “Y U NO POST?!!?” I need one of those memes for that….

Anyways, I had somethin cray cray happen a couple days ago..

A friend of mine who’s gettin married in a month, asked me to put together a Cake Tasting…

I had to whip up Three Cakes, yeah thats right 3 of ’em..

Cake Trio

As seen above

The one on the Front Left is a Strawberry Cake w/ White Chocolate Frosting

The One on the Front Right is Red Velvet

And the One in the Back Middle is  a Lemon Cake

And I had roughly 36 hours to put it all together…

So what does all this mean???

Basically, THIS GUY! (me…) is doing a wedding cake..


Moving up in the world, no?

It was kinda a moment, you take a step back and say “HOLY CRAP ITS REAL NOW!!!”

I believe the wedding will be roughly around the time 5 years ago, (I KNOW!!!) that I first baked dinner rolls from scratch…

And now I’m doing a wedding cake… HOLY CRAP ITS REAL!!!

Oh and if y’all wonder “WHICH ONE DID THEY PICK??!!!??”

Cake Trio


They went with the Lemon Cake…

In this pic above, its the one in the Back Left…

See how helpful I am w/this…

Anyway, that’s my announcement and I’m stickin to it…

That’s all I got for this week, if y’all like what y’all see: Comment, Like and/or Subscribe..

With all this cake, WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH IT ALL??!!!?!!


The Struggle is Real!


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3 thoughts on “Cake, Cake and More Cake…and an Announcement…Ooohhh!

  1. Congrats! These look wonderful!

  2. journeyfiles says:

    Simple looking cake is the best!

  3. Great looking cakes. I could almost taste it through those photos. I would have liked the lemon cake myself. Congratulations. Looks like you are continuing to do great work.

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